​Domestic Skills/Insights​

Why Study Economics?

Economics is about choices and the impacts of one's choices on others. Economics provides a way of thinking that can help one make better choices.​

Economics provides helpful knowledge for making decisions in everyday life. With economics, one can approach questions, such as how desirable a certain financial investment opportunity is, whether or not to attend college or grad school, the benefits and costs of alternative careers, and the affects of public policies that include universal health care or a higher minimum wage.

Salaries for economics graduates are ranked as one of the highest, alongside Medicine, Engineering, and Law.

Suggested Economics Courses

​Econ 450 -- Financial Economics

Econ 453 -- Theory of Money and Banking​

Econ 461 -- Economics of Education

Econ 463 -- Economics of the Labor Market

Econ 478 -- Game Theory and Economics​