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Visiting Scholar Archives


"Economic Populism"

Helios Herrera

University​​ of Warwick

​​​"Long Term Care Hospitals: A Case Study in Waste"

Liran Einav

Stanford University​​​​

​​​​"Can Employers Inform Government Job Training Programs? Evidence from Brazil"

Liran Einav

Stanford University​​​

"Can Employers Inform Government Job Training Programs? Evidence from Brazil"

Stephen O'Connell

Emory University

​"The Phenomenon of Summer Diarrhea and its Waning"

Daniel Rees

University of Colorado Denver

​​"Risk Sharing, Mortgage Backed Securities, and the 2008 Financial Crisis"

Asen Kochov

University​ of Rochester

"What is the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute?"

Abigail Wozniak

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

​​"Higher Education Finance and the Returns to College"

Seth Zimmerman

University​ of Chicago Booth

​"The New Geography of Jobs"

Enrico Moretti

UC Berkeley

"Hunger in War and Peace: Women and Children in Germany, 1914-1924"

Mary Cox

University of Oxford

"A Bad Bargain? The Role of Teachers Unions in K-12 Education"

Mike Lovenheim

Cornell University

"Seasonal Work in the US Labor Market"

John Coglianese

Federal Reserve Board


"The Economics of Unknown Unknowns"

Marie-Louise Viero

Queens University

"Economics and Revealed Preference"

Chris Chambers

Georgetown University 

"The Unintended Consequences of 'Ban the Box' Policies"

Jennifer Doleac

University of Virginia

​"Why Can't You Find a Taxi in the Rain? The Behavioral Critique of Neoclassical Economics"

Henry Farber

Princeton University

"The Highs and Lows of Research with Administrative Data"

Ben Hansen

University of Oreg​on

"The Efficient Market Hypothesis: The Experimental Evidence"

Elena Asparouhova

University of Utah

"Skills, Job Tasks, and Productivity in Teaching: Evidence from a Randomized Trial of Instruction Practices"

Eric Taylor

Harvard University

"A Machine Learning Approach to Historical Census Record Linkage"

James Feigenbaum

Boston University​​​

"Does Religion Make Us (Economically) Different?"

Jonathan Tan

University​​​ of Nottingham

"Recommending Teams Promotes Pro-Social Lending in Online Microfinance"

Yan Chen

University​​​ of Michigan

"The Economic Impacts of Immigration -- An Overview"

David Card

University of California Berkeley

"Combining Empirical Methods in Economics"

Andreas Leibbrandt

Monash University​​​

"How Wide is the Firm Border?"

Enghin Atalay

University​​​ of Wisconsin Madison

"Recessions, Jobless Recoveries, and Disappearing Middle-Class Jobs"

Henry Siu

University​​​ of British Columbia


"Do Beliefs About Peers Matter for Donation Matching?"

Laura Gee

Tufts University​

"The Effects of Free Trade on Workers: The Basics and Some Current Evidence"​

Sharon Traiberman


"Regression Discontinuity Designs"

Matias Cattaneo

University of Michigan​

"Introduction to Estimation and Inference of Structural and Treatment Parameters Using Machine Learning Methods"​

Chris Hansen

​Chicago Booth

"Financial Heterogeneity and the Investment Channel of Monetary Policy"​

Pablo Ottonello

University of Michigan

"Recent Research on the Minimum Wage"

Jonathan Meer

Texas A&M​

"The Housing Boom and Bust"​

Greg Kaplan

Chicago Booth

"Entrepreneurship and the U.S Economy"​

Ryan Decker

Federal Reserve Board

​​"At a Loss: The Real and Reporting Elasticity of Corporate Taxable Income"​

Nathan Seegert

University of Utah

​​"Earnings Inequality: Stylized Facts, Underlying Causes and Policy"​

Barry Hirsch

Tufts University

​​"Job Displacement"​

Pawel Krolikowski

Tufts University

​​"Family Violence and Football: The Effect of Unexpected Emotional Cues on Violent Behavior"​

Gordon Dahl

University of California San Diego

"Government Statistics: How Are They Created and What Can We Learn From Them?"​

Martha Stinson



"Participatory Democracy with Costly Participation: Absenteeism, Extremism, and Factions"

Martin Osborne

University of Toronto

"The Impact of Comprehensive School Reform: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design"

Brian Jacob

University of Michigan

​​"Cycling to School: Increasing Secondary School Enrollment for Girls in India"

Nishith Prakash

University of Connecticut

"Thinking Fast and Slow: Generosity Over Time"

Judd Kessler

University of Pennsylvania​

"Paying the Price: College Costs and the Betrayal of the American Dream"

Sarah Goldrick-Rab

University of Wisconsin Madison

"Firm-Dynamics and the Macroeconomy"

Ben Bugsley

NY Fed


Linda Tesar

University of Michigan

​​​"Firm Heterogeneity and Aggregate Dynamics"

Thomas Winberry

University of Chicago

​​"The Economics of Hope and Poverty"

Travis Lybbert

University of California Davis

​​"An Economic Perspective on Career Transitions"

Eliza Forsythe

University of Illinois


"Applying Insights from Behavioral Economics to Policy Design"

Brigitte Madrian

​​Harvard University

"Staged Economic Development"

Ping Wang

Washington University in St. Louis

"Improving Estimates for the Monetary Benefits of Environmental Regulations"

​Nicolai Kuminoff

Arizona State University

​"Mental Health Stigma"

Prashant Bharadwaj

University of California San Diego

"The ACA's Medical Loss Ratio: What Have We Learned in the First Three Years?"

Briggs Depew

Louisiana State University

"The LIFE-M Project"

Martha Bailey

University of Michigan

​"Political Polarization"

Mattias Polborn

​University of Illinois

​​​​"A Course Level Analysis of STEM Retention and the Distribution of Ability: Can it Explain the Racial Gap?"

Matt Baird

​​Rand Corporation

​​​"The Demographic Effects of Wars: An Economic Perspective"

Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Research Division, 

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

​​"The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Unemployment"

Ioana Marinescu

University​ of Chicago Harris


"Economics is an Experimental Science"

Tim Cason

Purdue University​

"Will the Labor Market Ever Recover from the Great Recession?"​

Thomas Lemieux

University of British Columbia

"The Economics Approach to Personal Financial Planning"

Larry Kotlikoff

Boston University​

​​"The Growing (?) Importance of Who You Work For"

David Card

University of California Berkeley

"Health Reform in the US: The Past, Present & Future"​

​John Gruber

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 "The Economic Value of a Law Degree"

Frank McIntyre

Rutgers University

"High-Quality Preschool: What We Know, and Directions for Future Research"​

Kasey Buckles

Notre Dame University

"Does International Trade Hurt the American Worker​?"​

Eric O'N Fisher

California Polytechnic State University​

​​​"Can Economists Be More Useful, Like Engineers?"​

Kenneth L. Judd

Stanford University​

​​​"Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes"​

Justin Sydnor

University of Wisconsin Madison

​​​"Search in the Labor Market: The Diamond-Mortensen-Pissarides Model"​

Jim Albrecht & Susan Vroman

Georgetown University​

​​​​"Closing the Parenting Gap: Insights from Behavioral Economics and Neuroscience"​

Ariel Kalil

Chicago Harris

​​"Voting and Utilitarianism"​

​John Morgan

Berkeley Haas School of Business

​​"Synthetic Controls for Policy Evaluation"​

​John Gruber

Harvard University


"Cell Phones and the Economic Development​"

 Travis Lybbert

University of California Davis​

"Moral Hazard and Macroeconomics"


Roger Myerson

Chicago University 

"​​Cheap Talk About Cheap Talk"

Gary Charness

University of California Santa Barbara

"Auctions, Revelation Principle, and Revenue Equivalence Theorem"

Andy Skrzypacz

Stanford University

"Fiscal Policy and Unemployment"

Marco Battaglini​

Princeton University​

"Behavioral Economics and Education: Some Puzzles, Progress, and Possibilities"

Philip Oreopoulos

University of Toronto

"Benefit Generosity and Injury Duration: Evidence from Regression Kink" 

Ben Hans​en

University of Oregon

"​Problems with Doing the Right Thing: Voting, Deliberation and Equilibrium"

Adam Meirowitz

Princeton University

"​Economics of Crime"

Rick Gregory

Provo Police Chief

​​"A History of the Clean Air Act and Human Health" 

Jay Coggins

University of Minnesota

​​​​"A Brief Tour of the Wide World of Structural Methods in Microeconomics" 

Brent Hickman

University of Chicago

"The Promise and Pitfalls of Market-Based Education Reform" 

David Figlio

Northwestern University


"The Impact of Monetary Policy Transparency on Risk and Volatility of Interest Rates: Evidence from the United States"

Amir Kia

Utah Valley University​

"College Applications and College Admissions"​

Hector Chade

Arizona State University

"Unemployment Insurance and Job Search in the Great Recession"

Jesse Rothstein

University of California Berkeley

"Modeling Uncertainty in a Complicated World"

Steven Callander

Stanford University

"Why Does New Hampshire Matter - Simultaneous vs. Sequential Election with Multiple Candidates"

​Melody Lo

University of Hong Kong

"The Labor Market Consequences of Forced CEO Turnover"

Christopher Stanton

University of Utah

"Testing for Educational Credit Constraints using Heterogeneity in Individual Time Preferences "​

Ben Cowan

Washington State University

"Global Hemispheric Temperature Trends and Co-Trending: A Shifting Mean Vector Autoregressive​ Analysis"​

Matt Holt

University​ of Alabama

"Can Economists Be More Useful, Like Engineers?"

Kenneth L. Judd

Stanford University

"Global Economic Outlook"

D. Nathan Sheets


"Spousal Labor Supply Responses to Government Programs: Evidence from the Disability Insurance Program"

Susan Chen

University of Alabama

"Corporate Taxation: Economics and Policy"

Jason DeBacker

Middle Tennessee State University

​"China's Macroeconomics Development: Retrospect and Prospect"

Kevin Huang

Vanderbilt University

​"Using Discontinuities/Kink in Program Rules to Measure Casual Effects"

Zhuan Pei

W.E. Upjohn Institute


"America is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It"

Larry Kotlikoff

Boston University

"​Coordination Failures"

Russel Cooper

European University Institute​

"​An Application of Statistics to Business Decision Making"

Kyoungwon Seo

Northwestern University​

"​Interest Rates Run"

Chris Phelan

University of Minnesota

"Made in China: The Origin and Implications of China’s Economic Revolution"


Brian Aitken

International Monetary Fund

"The Emerging Science on Cohabitation"

Glenn Stanton

Focus on the Family

"Correlation and Causation"

Paul Heaton

RAND Institute for Civil Justice

"Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility"


Sandra Black

University of Texas Austin

"'The Best Price You'll Never Get': The 2005 Employee Discount Pricing Promotions in the U.S. Automobile Industry"


Meghan Busse

Northwestern University

"Identifying Sibling Influence on Teenage Substance Use"


Joe Altonji

Yale University

"Job Loss and Unemployment in the Great Recession"


Henry S. Farber

Princeton University

"Beliefs about Expected Earnings and the Choice of College Major"


Peter Arcidiacono

Duke University

"Panel Data and Treatment Effects"


Whitney Newey

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Econinformatics: Economics and Big Data"


Randall Lewis


"The Rebirth of Modern Education"


Lant Pritchett

Harvard University