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How You Can Help

Make a Donation

When you make a donation to BYU Economics, you are helping students. Take a look at some of the Economics Department programs made possible by donations from people like you:​​

Career Prep Seminar

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Adapted from the Career Series program, the Economics Department introduced the Career Prep Seminar course in Fall 2015. This one-credit course is designed to assist students with preparation for their careers including discussions about professionalism, résumés, course planning, and graduate school, as well as learning about careers that several of our alumni have pursued. More than half of the classes are dedicated to presentations from BYU Economics alumni. Presenters share their experiences with their current and/or previous jobs and their advice for students. This course helps students understand the broad applications of their economics degrees.

Internship Support

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The BYU Economics website now has an “Internships” section catered specifically to economics majors. This makes it easier for students to find internships related to economics. Funding and internship credit are also available for students for their internships.

Mentored Research

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One unique feature of the BYU Economics Department is that there are many opportunities for students to engage in research with professors; in other universities, these research positions are usually taken by master’s and PhD students. These opportunities allow students to learn how to ask and answer difficult questions and develop into experienced researchers by the time they finish their undergraduate degrees. A student’s chances of finding employment or getting into a top graduate program increase with experience like this.

Resume & Career Assistance

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Students receive résumé help and feedback from the Economics Department. For seniors and recent graduates, the BYU Economics website also has a “Current Job Opportunities” section. Current entry-level job opportunities for economics graduates are updated weekly.

Alumni Mentoring Program

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The Economics Alumni Mentoring Program is a semester-long program that gives students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with BYU economics alumni, explore career options, and network. Students and alumni are matched according to shared interests and engage in at least three discussions over the course of the semester. The program runs during winter semester and spring/summer terms. If you would like to participate as a mentor, please email

From Students

"I really enjoyed this course [career prep seminar]. It was well put together and really helped me see different possibilities. The guest lectures were great—it was good to see the many things students can go on to do."

​"I enjoyed getting to hear the perspec​​​tive of a BYU alumni who was genuinely interested in my career development and happiness."

"It was a good opportunity to ask questions about the industry that I wouldn't ask a recruiter."

"I have a much clearer idea about how I can prepare for a career with a degree in economics. I hope they continue to offer this class [career prep seminar]​because it is so valuable."​

"I enjoyed hearing someone's experiences who has gone through what I'm going through now."

"It was a valuable experience that lent me insight into career options. It helped me to be more sure about the path I am taking." ​​