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Below are recommended courses for students interested in this career path. They are unofficial tracks that will not be included on the student's diploma.

MBA programs help students learn the necessary skills to start and/or manage a business. Most programs require students to have two to five years of work experience before applying.

Undergraduate economics students who plan to pursue an MBA in the future would benefit from doing the following: ​

  • Complete at least one internship
  • Get involved with business school clubs here
  • Graduate with at least one business-related minor (Business, Global Business & Literacy, Nonprofit Management, Strategy)
  • ​Network with BYU Economics alumni who work in business fields​

We strongly encourage all of our majors to take ECON 210 -- Career Preparation Seminar course to explore potential careers.

Suggested Course Offerings
​ECON 257 -- International Trade and Finance
ECON 450 -- Financial Economics
ECON 458 -- International Trade Theory and Applications
ECON 463 -- Economics of the Labor Market
ECON 476 -- Industrial Organization​
ECON 488 -- Applied Econometrics​