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Public Good/Social Innovation

Below are recommended courses for students interested in this career path. They are unofficial tracks that will not be included on the student's diploma.

Possible Career Opportunities​
Business Forecaster
Commodities Trader
Credit Analyst
Financial Planner
Healthcare Administrator
Industrial Economist
Investment Analyst
Public Utilities Analyst
Research data Analyst
Risk Analyst
Treasury Management

We strongly encourage all of our majors to take ECON 210 -- Career Preparation Seminar course to explore potential careers.

Suggested Course Offerings
​ECON 431 -- Economic Development
ECON 432 -- Economic Growth
ECON 440 -- Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
ECON 463 -- Economics of the Labor Market
ECON 465 -- Health Economics
ECON 468 -- Urban Economics
ECON 475 -- Public Economics​