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Federal Reserve Research Assistant

The work of Research Assistants with the Federal Reserve is used to help economists and the Board of Governors understand aspects of the economy and how they relate to monetary policy decisions. RAs are expected to stay in their position for 2-3 years, and many go on to pursue graduate studies while others take jobs in government, policy organizations, or industry.

The Federal Reserve

Qualifications/Preferred Skills:
A bachelor's degree in economics, math, or a related field is required. Candidates must have demonstrated proficiency with at least one statistical software package or programming language (Stata and R most important, MATLAB, SAS, or Unix/Linux helpful).

How will your economics degree help in this field?
As a Federal Reserve Research Assistant, you will be doing exactly what you may have studied in economics - data work, coding, and economic analysis. This is a great springboard toward graduate work in economics.

National Average Salary:

Former BYU students Daryl Larsen and Elijah Broadbent have created this guide to working at the Federal Reserve as research assistants. Check it out to discover if this is the right job for you, what the job is like, and how to apply.,40.htm