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​​​​Data Analyst

A data analyst synthesizes a large amount of data to explain current trends and forecast future trends. Data analysts help big companies make wise investment decisions.

Insurance Companies
Investment Banks
Government Organizations
Hedge Funds
Private Equity Firms
Tech Companies

Qualifications/Preferred Skills:
A bachelor's degree will qualify a data analyst for an entry-level position. Graduate degrees or training in specific programs are required for advancement. Data analysts are analytical and have strong mathematic and statistics backgrounds. They are detail-oriented and love searching through data. They have strong computer skills (SQL, Python, SAS, R, SPSS). With experience, data analysts can make more than double their starting salary.

National Average Salary:

How will your economics degree help in this field?
Data analysts, like economists, use computerized models to forecast trends. They have the same skills in statistics, mathematics, modeling and research.