​​​​​​​​​​Data Analysis Track

Firms are looking for individuals who can sift through and evaluate massive amounts of data for a variety of purposes. Economics provides excellent training for such work, especially combined with additional technical skills (e.g. computer programming).

  • To pursue this track consider the following:

    • Get a double major or add a minor in computer science or statistics
    • Complete at least one data-analytic internship
    • Network with BYU Economic alumni who work in these types of careers

Possible Career Opportunities​

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Information Security Analyst

Product Manager

Statistical Analyst​

Suggested Course Offerings

ECON 484 -- Machine Learning for Economists

ECON 488 -- Applied Econometrics

Suggested Supplementary Courses

CS 142 -- Introduction to Computer Programming

CS 235 -- Data Structures and Algorithms

STAT 121 -- Principles of Statistics

STAT 123 -- Introduction to R Programming

STAT 124 -- SAS Base Programming Skills

STAT 125 -- Introduction to Operating Systems, UNIX, and Shell Programming

STAT 126 -- Introduction to Python Programming