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Suggested Course Sequences

The following sequences will help you in creating your graduation plan after you have completed ECON 110. Most economics students find it most helpful to complete the program in four or five semesters. For a list of courses offered, please refer to this page.


1. Take 378/388 and 380/382 in consecutive semesters. This will minimize the trauma of forgetting important material for the next course.

2. Complete the 300-level courses as soon as possible. Comprehension of field courses will be enhanced if you have a firm understanding of these fundamental concepts.

3. Watch out for prerequisites. Many professors require 378, 380, 381, 388 and sometimes 382 for their 400-level courses.

4. If you take at least two economics courses every semester, you will have no trouble graduating in a timely manner. Plan accordingly.

5. Keep an eye on scheduling. Remember that you will not get credit for field courses that you take both at the 200 & 400-level. Plan ahead to keep your options open.

6. If you have already completed Math 112, begin in the second semester of the 5 semester sequence, taking an additional elective in the third semester.

7. ManEc courses do not apply to the major.