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Suggested Course Sequences

The following sequences will help you in creating your graduation plan after you have completed ECON 110. Most economics students find it most helpful to complete the program in four or five semesters. For a list of courses offered, please refer to this page.


1. ECON 378, 380, and 388 are prerequisites for other core and field courses, so taking these early opens more opportunities later. To a lesser extent, the same is true of ECON 381 and 382.

2. ECON 378, 388, 398, 484, and 588 build data skills, so taking these courses early opens more opportunities for employment and research. Training in computer programming is also useful in this regard.

3. Many students find core (300-level) courses to be quite difficult. To be successful, you may need to allocate more time to these courses than you do to other courses. Also, consider taking fewer of these at first, while you acclimate to the difficulty.

4. Working as a teaching assistant in ECON 110 requires ECON 380 and 381 (at least concurrently), so taking these courses early opens teaching opportunities.