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List of Courses Offered

Below are the current courses being offered by the Economics Department. This list gives typical assignments but is subject to change. Please click on course numbers to review syllabi examples.

Additional information may be found in the University Catalog.

Course #Course NamePrerequisitesProfessor(s)When Taught
110Economic Principles and ProblemsNoneKearl, Lefgren, Price, A. Pope, ShowalterFall, Winter, Spring, Summer
210Career Preparation SeminarECON 110CondieFall & Winter
257International Trade and FinanceECON 110KearlFall
378Statistics for EconomistsECON 110 & MATH 112 or 113Leslie, McMurrayFall, Winter, Spring, Summer
380Intermediate Price Theory 1ECON 110 & MATH 112 or 113Denning, Lefgren, SimsFall, Winter, Spring
381Intermediate MacroeconomicsECON 110 & MATH 112 or 113Bradford, vom Lehn, WilsonFall, Winter, Spring
382Intermediate Price Theory 2ECON 378 & 380Cardon, Platt, J. Pope, StovallFall, Winter
388Introduction to EconometricsECON 378 & 380Eide, Eliason, Frandsen, Ransom, ShowalterFall, Winter, Spring
413RTopics in Economic TheoryECON 378 & 380LambsonDependent on faculty availability.
420Economics of Antitrust Law and RegulationECON 378 & 380KearlFall
421Law and EconomicsECON 378 & 380KearlWinter
431Economic DevelopmentECON 380 & 388 or ECON 380 & POLI 328StoddardFall & Winter
432Economic GrowthECON 381 & 388 or ECON 380 & 381 & POLI 328vom LehnFall & Winter
440Natural Resources and Environmental EconomicsECON 380 & 388A. Pope, J. PopeFall & Winter
442Behavioral EconomicsECON 388PriceWinter & Spring
450Financial EconomicsECON 382 & 388CondieWinter
458International Trade Theory and ApplicationsECON 388 or ECON 380 & POLI 328BradfordDependent on faculty availability.
461Economics of EducationECON 388EideWinter & Spring
463Economics of the Labor MarketECON 388SimsDependent on faculty availability.
465Health EconomicsECON 382 & 388ShowalterFall
468Urban EconomicsECON 378 & 380; ECON 388 or concurrent enrollmentRansomFall
476Industrial OrganizationECON 378CardonFall & Winter
477Political EconomicsECON 378 & 382McMurrayDependent on faculty availability.
478Game Theory and EconomicsECON 378 & 380Lambson, StovallFall & Winter
484Machine Learning for EconomistsECON 380 & 388FrandsenFall & Winter
488Applied EconometricsECON 388Denning, Lefgren, J. PopeFall & Winter
580Advanced Price TheoryECON 378 & 382CondieFall
582Topics in Mathematical EconomicsECON 580PlattWinter
586Advanced Mathematics for EconomistsECON 380 & MATH 314LambsonDependent on faculty availability.
588Advanced EconometricsECON 388Frandsen, LefgrenWinter