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Joseph McMurray

Joseph C. McMurray

Associate Professor

2117 WVB


PhD, University of Rochester, 2010
BA, Brigham Young University, 2004

Research and Teaching

I research economic theory, especially political economics, emphasizing information models of elections. I teach Political Economic Theory (Econ 477) and Statistics for Economists (Econ 378).


2022. "Polarization and Pandering in Common-Interest Elections." Games and Economic Behavior,

2019. "The Marginal Voter's Curse" with H. Herrera and A. Llorente-Saguer. Economic Journal, 129(624): 3137-3153.

2019. "Information Aggregation and Turnout in Proportional Representation: A Laboratory Experiment" with H. Herrera and A. Llorente-Saguer. Journal of Public Economics, 179: 104051.

2017. "Ideology as Opinion: A Spatial Model of Common-value Elections." American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 9(4): 108-140.

2017. "Voting as Communicating: Mandates, Multiple Candidates, and the Signaling Voter's Curse." Games and Economic Behavior, 102: 199-223.

2015. "The Paradox of Information and Voter Turnout." Public Choice, 165:13-23.

2013. "Aggregating Information by Voting: The Wisdom of the Experts versus the Wisdom of the Masses." Review of Economic Studies, 80(1): 277-312.

Working Papers

"Why the Political World is Flat: An Endogenous “Left” and “Right” in Multidimensional Elections"

"Candidate Opinion versus Voter Opinion"

"Empirical Evidence of Strategic Voter Abstention"

Work in Progress

"Cross-Election Mandates: Messages from Other Politicians’ Voters" with Alex Lloyd

"The Swing Voter’s Curse and Marginal Voter’s Curse in Proportional Representation Elections"

"Policy Motivated Candidates in Common Interest Elections"

"The Invisible Hand of Political Tug-of-war"

"65 Theories of Political Polarization"

Spring Office Hours

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