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Joseph McMurray

Joseph C. McMurray

Assistant Professor

435-J CTB​



PhD, University of Rochester, 2010
BA, Brigham Young University, 2004

Research and Teaching

Joseph McMurray's research interests lie in economic theory, especially political economics. His research explores political models in which voter differences reflect informational differences, rather than fundamental conflicts of interest. He teaches Political Economic Theory (Econ 477) and Statistics for Economists (Econ 378).

Selected Publications

"The Marginal Voter's Curse" (2019, with H. Herrera and A. Llorente-Saguer), Economic Journal, forthcoming.

"Ideology as Opinion: A Spatial Model of Common-value Elections" (2017), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 9(4): 108-140.

"Voting as Communicating: Mandates, Multiple Candidates, and the Signaling Voter's Curse" (2017), Games and Economic Behavior, 102: 199-223.

"Aggregating Information by Voting: The Wisdom of the Experts versus the Wisdom of the Masses" (2013), Review of Economic Studies, 80(1): 277-312.