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Jim Kearl

James R. Kearl

A. O. Smoot Professor of Economics

2103 WVB


Post Doc, Harvard Law School, 1978
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975
BA, Utah State University, 1971

Research and Professional Experience

James R. Kearl is currently the A. O. Smoot Professor of Economics and Assistant to the University President for the Jerusalem Center. He was awarded his PhD by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1975 and completed a post-doc at the Harvard Law School in 1978. He was named a White House Fellow in 1983 and served as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. He has served as Dean of Honors and General Education and Associate Academic Vice President at BYU. His research interests deal with the use of economics in legal settings and in the analysis of the law and public policy.

Current Research

​​The Law and Economics of the Judicial Treatment of "Time" in Compensatory Damage.
The Law and Economics of Disgorgement as Damages.
Rent Creation, Rent Seeking and Rent Preservation: The Case of Ethanol.
Network Effects when Simultaneous Membership is Possible.

Spring Office Hours

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