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Why should I join ESA?

The Economics Student Association acts as a medium between BYU Economics students and their professors, as well as a facilitator between BYU Economics students and their academic and career goals. This is accomplished by providing economics students with a variety of activities and opportunities to not only help them advance in their specific career paths, but also to get the most of their educational experience while here at BYU. All BYU students and economics majors are strongly encouraged to sign up ($20 fee per academic year). Learn more about ESA and upcoming events on Facebook and Instagram.

Member Benefits:

  • Receive exclusive information regarding potential internship and job opportunities
  • Get help in meeting your academic and professional goals
  • Attend exclusive events, such as dining at your favorite economics professors' homes and having breakfast ​ ​with visiting scholars
  • Receive mentoring from economics professors
  • Give and receive peer mentoring in a network of motivated economics students
  • Build up your resume with leadership positions
  • Receive skill training (Python, etc.) and be able to discuss and learn new economic ideas

Women in Economics

ESA’s Women’s In Economics is dedicated to providing a professional and social networking group for female students in the Economics program at BYU and aims to foster success both on and off campus. Women in this ​ ​group will be able to learn how to have a successful future in Economics both at BYU and after graduation. ​​To join the group, first sign up for ESA and then email ​​Learn more about them and upcoming WECON events on Instagram (@byuwomeninecon).