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The following tutors are available for students who need assistance in their Economics classes. Please note, these tutors are not hired by or affiliated with the Department.

You are NOT allowed to have a TA from your class be your personal tutor.

Winter 2022 TUTORS

Tutor Name
Email Address
Alli Wilkinson 110, 380, 382, 388 $25/hr.
Porter Schenewark 110, 380, 381, 382 $20/hr.
Nephi Dummar 110 $15/hr.
Madison Earnshaw 110 $20/hr. or $12/30min.
Spencer Timmerman 110 $12/hr.
Carver Coleman 388, 484, 488 $35/hr.
Adam Kelley 110 $14/hr.
Jared Wright 378, STATA $20/hr.
Brendon Rhodes 110, 380 $25/hr.