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Meet the ESA Presidency

Click the student names to access their LinkedIn profiles.

Boston Kelley - President

I am a senior studying Economics with minors in Math and Strategy. I love the tools Economics gives us to understand the world and solve complex and important problems. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, music, and watching sports. I plan to pursue a career in economic consulting.

Elaina Yeager - Vice President of Women in Economics

I am senior studying Economics and Interdisciplinary Humanities. I love the Econ program because of how has diversified the way I see and understand the world in a very valuable way. I enjoy reading, working out, and traveling around to new places. After graduation, I plan to attend law school.

Lizzie Mukai - Vice President of Academics

I'm an Economics major with minors in Arabic and Mathematics. I chose the Econ program because I love the insight on the world that Economics offers, and I'm fascinated by its ability to mathematically model behavior. Outside of school, I enjoy embroidering, trying new recipes, and drawing.

Sam Layton - Vice President of Careers

I'm a junior doing Economics and ACME and I can't get enough of either of them! I love learning, researching, and coming up with more efficient solutions. I served a mission in Thailand and love to cook all types of Asian food. I'm planning on going to business school and eventually travelling the world.

Britton Davis - Vice President of Events

I am from Meridian, Idaho and I'm studying economics and Spanish with a minor in mathematics. You will find me biking around Provo, eating street tacos, and always on a quest for new fun facts. I'm planning to get a Ph.D. in economics after graduation.

Truman Brown - Vice President of Communication

I am a senior majoring in economics with minors in business and creative writing. I currently work as a supervisor at the Provo MTC and plan to pursue an MBA sometime after graduation. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, golfing, reading/writing, and spending time with my wife.