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Economics Department Scholarship

Scholarships are made possible by generous donors who have contributed to BYU Economics to assist economics majors in obtaining their education.

1. You have not been awarded a full tuition scholarship for the same semester/term(s) you are applying for from BYU or other sources. You have not received 4 years of substantial scholarship assistance at BYU.

2. You are a declared economics major and have completed Econ 110 and two other economics courses with a C- or better grade.

3. You are enrolled in a minimum of 14 credit hours per semester and 6 credit hours per term you are applying for. (Students who are awarded a scholarship and are enrolled for fewer hours because it is their last semester before graduation may receive an exception through the Department Administrator).

4. You have not received another grant from the Economics Department for the same semester or term that you're applying for (i.e. Economics Internship Grant, Experiential Learning Grant). Students who qualify for a grant or scholarship are eligible for one grant/scholarship per semester or term.

Application Deadlines:
Spring/Summer Scholarships--March 1st
Fall/Winter Scholarships--June 1st