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Scott Condie

Scott S. Condie

Associate Profes​​sor​​​

435-I CTB​



PhD, Cornell University, 2007
MA, Cornell University, 2005
BA, Brigham Young University, 2002

Work in Progress

"Information inertia", with Jayant Ganguli (Essex) and Philipp Illeditsch (Wharton) [PDF].
"Pricing Implications of Ambiguous Private Information", with Jayant Ganguli (Essex).


Condie, Scott and Jayant Ganguli (2011): "Ambiguity and Rational Expectations Equilibria," Review of Economic Studies, 78(3), 821-845.

Condie, Scott and Jayant Ganguli (2011): "Informational Efficiency with Ambiguous Information," Economic Theory, 48(2-3), 229-242.

Condie, Scott and Seung Han Yoo (2011): "Market Selection with Aendogenous Information Revelation," International Journal of Economic Theory, 7(2), 201-215.

Condie, Scott (2008): "Living with Ambiguity: Prices and Survival When Investors Have Heterogeneous Preferences for Ambiguity," Economic Theory, 36(1), 81-108.

Groen, Jeffrey A., George H. Jakubson, Ronald G. Ehrenberg, ScottCondie and Albert Y. Liu (2008): "Program Design and Student Outcomes in Graduate Education,"