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Olga B. Stoddard

Assistant Profes​​sor​​​​​

2143 WVB
Spring 2023 Office Hours:
By Appointment


BS, Brigham Young University - Hawaii, 2005
MA, University of Hawaii, 2008
PhD, University of Hawaii, 2012


Selected Publications
"Increasing Workplace Diversity: Evidence from a Recruiting Experiment at a Fourtune-500 Company​" (with Jeffrey Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt, and Christina Rott). Forthcoming at the Journal of Human Resources.
Media coverage: KSL Voices of Reason, BYU news, BYU Top of Mind

"Rationalizing self-defeating behaviors: theory and evidence" (with Lars Lefgren and John Stovall). Forthcoming at the Journal of Health Economics.

"On Using Interval Response Data in Experimental Economi​cs" (with James McDonald and Daniel Walton). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics., 72, 9-16. 2018.​

"Effort, Luck, and Voting for Redistribution​"​ (with Lars Lefgren and David Sims). Journal of Public Economics, 143. 2016.

"Run, Jane, Run! Gendered Responses to Political Party Recruitment​" (with Jessica Preece). Political Behavior, 38(3), 561-577, 2016.​

"Why Women Don't Run: Experimental Evidence on Gender Differences in Competition Aversion" (with Jessica Preece).​ Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 117, 296-308, 2015.

"Does the Message Matter? A Field Experiment on Political Party Recruitment" (with Jessica Preece). Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2:1-10, 2015.

"Fire-sale DI: Impact of Financial Crises on Foreign Direct Investment" (with Ilan Noy). Review of Development Economics, 19(2), 387-399, 2015.

"An Experimental Study on the Relevance and Scope of Nationality as a Coordination Device" (with A. Leibbrandt). Economic Inquiry, 52(4), 1392-1407, 2014.

Under Review and Working Papers
"The other 1%: class leavening, contamination and voting for redistribution" NBER Working Paper 24617. (with Lars Lefgren and David Sims)

"Strength in numbers: A field experiment in gender, influence, and group dynamics" (with Chris Karpowitz and Jessica Preece)
Media coverage: The Salt Lake Tribune, BYU magazine, RadioWest, KUER Radio

"Communication and collaboration in mixed-gender teams: Experimental evidence" (with Joseph Price and Rebecca Jack)

"Prospect of upward mobility and preferences for redistribution" (with Lars Lefgren and David Sims)

Increasing Workplace Diversity

Online Seminar on the Economics of Discrimination and Disparities

"Spring 2020"
"Summer 2020"
"Fall 2020"

Twitter: @olgastoddard