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Stoddard Faculty Photo

Olga B. Stoddard

Assistant Profes​​sor​​​​​

455-A CTB​



PhD, University of Hawaii, 2012
MA, University of Hawaii, 2008
BS, Brigham Young University - Hawaii, 2005


Selected Publications
"Increasing Workplace Diversity: Evidence from a Recruiting Experiment at a Fourtune-500 Company​" (with Jeffrey Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt, and Christina Rhott). Forthcoming at the Journal of Human Resources.

"On Using Interval Response Data in Experimental Economi​cs" (with James McDonald and Daniel Walton). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics., 72, 9-16. 2018.​

"Effort, Luck, and Voting for Redistribution​​" (with Lars Lefgren and David Sims). Journal of Public Economics, 143. 2016.

"Run, Jane, Run! Gendered Responses to Political Party Recruitment​" (with Jessica Preece). Political Behavior, 38(3), 561-577, 2016.​

"Why Women Don't Run: Experimental Evidence on Gender Differences in Competition Aversion" (with Jessica Preece).​ Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 117, 296-308, 2015.

"Does the Message Matter? A Field Experiment on Political Party Recruitment" (with Jessica Preece). Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2:1-10, 2015.

"Fire-sale DI: Impact of Financial Crises on Foreign Direct Investment" (with Ilan Noy). Review of Development Economics, 19(2), 387-399, 2015.

"An Experimental Study on the Relevance and Scope of Nationality as a Coordination Device" (with A. Leibbrandt). Economic Inquiry, 52(4), 1392-1407, 2014

Under Review and Working Papers
"Rationalizing self-defeating behaviors: theory and evidence" NBER Working Paper 25060. (with Lars Lefgren and John Stovall)

"The other 1%: class leavening, contamination and voting for redistribution" NBER Working Paper 24617. (with Lars Lefgren and David Sims)

"Gender, authority, and group dynamics: A field experiment" (with Chris Karpowitz and Jessica Preece)

"Communication and collaboration in mixed-gender teams: Experimental evidence" (with Joseph Price and Rebecca Jack)

"Prospect of upward mobility and preferences for redistribution" (with Lars Lefgren and David Sims)

Increasing Workplace Diversity

Research and Professional Experience

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Brigham Young University and a Research Affiliate with the Science of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. My fields are behavioral, labor, and public economics. ​

Twitter: @olgastoddard

Photo courtesy BYU Photo