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Department Student Jobs

Economics Teaching Assistants (TAs)

  • Students who wish to be an Economics TA must have completed Econ 110, Econ 380, and the class they're applying to TA for prior to the start of the semester/term the job will begin. (Completion of 381 is also preferred. )
  • TAs are expected to maintain, at minimum, a 3.5 Economics GPA and an overall 3.0 GPA.
  • Starting wages are $14.00/hour for 110 TAs and $13.25/hour for non-110 TAs, with a $0.50 raise each semester. ​
  • Handwritten applications are not accepted.
  • A current Academic Summary must be attached to your application.

Shortly after TA applications are due, department faculty meet to review each candidate and make their selections. Typically, candidates are notified whether they've been selected or not via email, within three weeks of the application due date.

Economics Research Assistants​ (RAs)

At this time, there is no formal process for students to apply to be research assistants. However, most professors do require their RAs to have taken Econ 388. Since every professor hires and works with RAs differently, we suggest you speak with your professors and ask if they are hiring.
If any professors are actively looking for a cohort of research assistants, those positions will be announced in the department's weekly email and posted here.

Current RA Openings

Dr. Price is looking to hire research assistants to work in the BYU Record Linking Lab. The lab includes 5 teams that each require different skills with skills that include econometrics, Python, machine learning, web development, and family history. If you would like to apply, fill out this application and email it to