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Course Schedule

In order to better assist our students in planning out their class schedule, the Economics Department is happy to present the following information. Please note that due to unforeseen professor or department needs, this schedule may change.
Fall 2023
Winter 2023
Spring 2023
Summer 2023

CourseSectionClass PeriodDaysRoom/BldgInstructor
ECON 1100012:00p - 3:15pTThB002 JFSBKearl
ECON 110 0029:30a - 10:45aTTh140 JSBPlatt
ECON 1100038:00a - 8:50aMWF250 KMBLA. Pope
ECON 1100046:00p - 8:50pWB002 JFSBButler
ECON 2100014:00p - 4:50pW130 TNRBMcMurray
ECON 2130013:30p - 4:45pTTh1144 WVBSmith
ECON 3780018:00a - 9:15aMWB124 MARBMcMurray
ECON 3780022:00p - 3:15pMWB124 MARBMcMurray
ECON 3800018:00a - 9:15aMWB119 MARBWaters
ECON 38000212:30p - 1:45pMWB124 MARBSims
ECON 380 0038:00a - 9:15aTThB119 MARBLeslie
ECON 3800049:30a - 10:45aTThB119 MARBLeslie
ECON 3810012:00p - 3:15pMW3712 HBLLvom Lehn
ECON 3810028:00a - 9:15aTThB119 MARBYim
ECON 3810039:30a - 10:45aTThB119 MARBYim
ECON 3820018:00a- 9:15aMW3712 HBLLCardon
ECON 3820029:30a - 10:45aMWB124 MARBLefgren
ECON 38200312:30p - 1:45pTTh3712 HBLLStovall
ECON 38800111:00a - 12:15pMWB124 MARBFrandsen
ECON 3880022:00p - 3:15pTThB119 MARBShowalter
ECON 3880039:30a - 10:45pTTh2145 WVBEide
ECON 39800112:30p - 1:45pMWB119 MARBJ. Pope
ECON 39800211:00a - 12:15pMWB119 MARBJ. Pope
ECON 3980039:30a - 10:45aTTh1144 WVBPatterson
ECON 42000112:30p - 1:45pTTh1144 WVBKearl
ECON 43100111:00a - 12:15pMW3712 HBLLStoddard
ECON 43100212:30p - 1:45pMW3712 HBLLStoddard
ECON 4400019:30a - 10:45aMWB119 MARBA. Pope
ECON 45000112:30p - 1:45pMW1144 WVBCondie
ECON 46100112:30p - 1:45pTTh2111 JKBEide
ECON 46300111:00a - 12:15pMW1144 WVBSims
ECON 4650019:30a - 10:45pTTh3712 HBLLShowalter
ECON 4750013:30p - 4:45pMWB119 MARBWilson
ECON 4750022:00p - 3:15pMWB119 MARBWilson
ECON 4760019:30a - 10:45aMW3712 HBLLCardon
ECON 4780012:00p - 3:15pTTh3712 HBLLStovall
ECON 4840019:30a - 10:45aMW1133 WVBFrandsen
ECON 5800012:00p - 3:15pMW1144 WVBCondie
ECON 5810013:30p - 4:45pMW3712 HBLLvom Lehn

CourseSectionClass PeriodDaysRoom/BldgInstructor
1100059:30a-10:45aTTh140 JSBPrice
1100072:00p-3:15pTTh250 KMBLKearl
1100086:00p-8:50pWB037 JFSBButler
1100098:00a-8:50aMWF250 KMBLPope
2100014:00p-4:50pWW240 TNRBMcMurray
3780018:00a - 9:15aTTh3712 HBLLLeslie
37800212:30p - 1:45pTTh3712 HBLLLeslie
3800018:00a-9:15aMWB119 MARBWaters
38000212:30p - 1:45pMWB119 MARBSims
3800039:30a-10:45pMW3712 HBLLShowalter
3800042:00p-3:15pTThB119 MARBPrice
38100111:00a-12:15pMW3712 HBLLvom Lehn
38100212:30p-1:45pMWB1124 MARBCondie
38100312:30p-1:45pTTh3712 HBLLYim
3820019:30a-10:45pMWB119 MARBStovall
38200211:00a-12:15pMWB119 MARBStovall
3820033:30p-4:45pTTh3712 HBLLCardon
3880018:00a-9:15aMWB124 MARBEliason
3880028:00a-9:15aMW1144 WVBEliason
3880038:00a-9:15aTTh3712 HBLLShowalter
3980019:30a-10:45aMWB124 MARBPope
3980032:00p-3:15pMWB124 MARBPope
3980049:30p-10:45pTTh1144 WVBWilson
42100112:30p-1:45pTTh1144 WVBKearl
431001 2:00p-3:15pTTh3712 HBLLStoddard
4310023:30p-4:45pTTh3712 HBLLStoddard
43200112:30p-1:45pMW3712 HBLLvom Lehn
4400019:30a-10:45aMW3712 HBLLPope
45000111:00a-12:15pMWB124 HBLLCondie
4530019:30a-10:45pTThB119 MARBPlatt
4630019:30a-10:45aTThB119 MARBSims
4650012:00p-3:15pMW1144 WVBEliason
4760012:00p-3:15pMW3712 HBLLCardon
4780018:00a-9:15aMW3712 HBLLMcMurray
4840012:00p-3:15pMW1133 WVBFrandsen
58200112:30p-1:45pTTh280 KMBLPlatt
58800112:30p-1:45pMW1144 WVBFrandsen

CourseClass PeriodDaysRoom/BldgInstructor
ECON 1109:30a-10:45aMTWThB002 JFSBPrice
ECON 3782:00p-3:15pMTWThB060 JFSBJensen
ECON 3808:00a-9:15aMTWThB119 MARBPrice
ECON 3819:30a-10:45aMTWThB119 MARBYim
ECON 38212:30p-1:45pMTWTh3712 HBLLLefgren
ECON 3889:30a-10:45aMTWThB060 JFSBEide
ECON 3989:30a-10:45aMTWTh3712 HBLLPatterson
ECON 4428:00a-9:15aMTWTh3712 HBLLPatterson
ECON 4588:00a-9:15aMTWTh1018 JKBBradford
ECON 4618:00a-9:15aMTWThB060 JFSBEide

CourseClass PeriodDaysRoom/BldgInstructor
ECON 1109:30a-10:45aMTWThB002 JFSBStaff
ECON 3789:30a-10:45aMTWThB060 JFSBStaff