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The Liberal Arts Advisement Center oversees most advisement for economics students. The Liberal Arts Advisement Center's​ primary role is to help students complete their degree. They also educate students about graduation requirements, university policies and procedures, post-graduate options, career and life goals, campus resources, and other tools that will assist them during their pursuits in life and learning.​

Economic majors are required to meet with a Liberal Arts advisor prior to declaring their major in economics. Additional advisement is not mandatory for economics majors after they declare their major. Students are, however, encouraged to meet periodically with their advisor to confirm progress towards degree completion and graduation. Contact the Advisement Center to schedule an appointment.

Liberal Arts Advisement Center​

1041 JFSB
(801) 422-3541
Click here to access the Liberal Arts website​

*Click here to access the Econ Major Checklist

Liberal Arts Economics Advisor

Landon Tooke
1041 JFSB​​