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Fragmented Division of Labor and Healthcare Costs: Evidence from Moves Across Regions​
Accepte​d, Journal of Public Economics​, with Leila Agha and James Rebitzer
​Online appendix​

Sticking Points: Common Agency Problems and Contracting in the U.S. Healthcare System
Accepted, RAND Journal of Economics, ​w​ith Michael Powell and James Rebitzer​

Testing Censoring Point Independence
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics (2018)
​Stata command: censoringtestkmcvmcovs.ado​

Testing ​Rank Similarity
​Review of Economics and Statistics (2018), with Lars Lefgren
Stata command: ranktest3.ado​

Public Employee Pensions and Collective Bargaining Rights: Evidence from State and Local Government Finances​
Forthcoming, Journal of Law, Economics & Policy

Party Bias in Union Representation Elections: Testing for Manipulation in the Regression Discontinuity Design when the Running Variable is Discrete
Advances in Econometrics vol. 38 (2017)
Stata command: rddisttestk.ado​​​

Treatment Effects With Censoring and Endogeneity
Journal of the American Statistical Association (2016)
Stata command: ivcqte.ado

The Effects of Collective Bargaining Rights on Public Employee Compensation: Evidence from Teachers, Fire Fighters, and Police
Industrial and Labor Relations Review (2016)

Care Fragmentation, Quality, and Healthcare Spending among Chronically Ill, Commercially Insured Patients
American Journal of Managed Care (2015)​, with Ashish Jha, Karen Joynt, and Jim Rebitzer

Impacts of Unionization on Quality and Productivity: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Nursing Homes
Industrial and Labor Relations Review (2015), with Aaron Sojourner, Robert Town, David Grabowski, and Michelle Chen

Randomization Inference in the Regression Discontinuity Design: An Application to Party Advantages in the U.S. Senate
Journal of Causal Inference (2014), with Matias Cattaneo and Rocio Titiunik

Structuring Incentives within Accountable Care Organizations
Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations (2014), with Jim Rebitzer

Quantile Treatment Effects in the Regression Discontinuity Design
Journal of Econometrics (2012), with Markus Froelich and Blaise Melly
Stata command: rdqtese.ado

Did Vietnam Veterans Get Sicker in the 1990s? The Complicated Effects of Military Service on Self-Reported Health
Journal of Public Economics (2010), with Josh Angrist and Stacey Chen

Acceleration of Free Electrons in a Symmetric Evanescent Wave
Laser Physics (2006), with Justin B. Peatross and Scott A. Glasgow

Some Variations on Standard Income Measurement Error Models
Journal of Income Distribution (2004), with James B. McDonald