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Alumni Mentoring Program

Offered in the winter and spring/summer semesters, the Alumni Mentorship program will pair you up with an econ alum who works in a field of your interest. Throughout the semester you'll learn about your mentor and get valuable tips about a specific industry.

The purpose of the Alumni Mentoring Program is to offer economics students the opportunity to form a one-on-one mentor relationship with one of our alumni. When you are matched with an alumnus (based on your career interests), your mentoring experience formally lasts for one semester.

​During the semester, you are required to complete three experiences (one per month), where you will initiate a discussion with your mentor. These discussions may take place in person, over the phone, or via video call (many of our mentors do not live in Utah). After completing each experience, you will report (in 1-2 sentences) your experience to the Alumni & Internship Coordinator, Jenna Palacios. At the end of the program, you are required to either come to a closing social or write a one-page report on your experience with your mentor.

What the Mentoring Program Is vs. What the Mentoring Program Is Not
It is . . .

  • A chance to meet and get to know a BYU Econ alum
  • An opportunity to network and learn more about a specific career field
  • A formal program (We expect you to complete all of the experiences)

It is not . . .

  • A one-time meetup with a mentor (If you are interested in this kind of experience, BYU has a program called "BYU Connect")
  • A free pass to an internship or job opportunity​

​Why should you participate?

Watch BYU Economics alumnus and CEO of Vivint Solar​, David Bywater, explain why mentoring is so important.
Ready more about students' experiences with the Alumni Mentoring Program in the 2018 Economics Magazine​, pages 31-38. ​

David Bywater On Mentoring.m4v

​Frequently Asked Questions​

When is the Alumni Mentoring Program held?
The program is held twice a year during winter semester and spring/summer semester.

What is required?
​-Attend the mandatory orientation at the beginning of the semester.
-Complete three experiences (conversations) with your mentor during the semester:
-Report your experiences to the Alumni & Internship Coordinator
-Attend a closing social at the end of the program OR write a one-page essay about your mentoring experience

How do I report my experiences?
Experiences are reported as comments in a LinkedIn group.

How am I matched with a mentor?
The Economics Department has a pool of over 100 mentors. Students take a survey that asks questions about career goals, interests, etc. and are matched by the
Alumni & Internship Coordinator to one of the mentors in the mentoring pool.

How far along in the Econ Program do I need to be to participate?
All econ majors and minors are eligible to participate, regardless of class standing.

Can I participate more than once?
Yes! You can participate as many times as you would like. If you do not complete the program, you are not allowed to participate again.

​​Questions? Email Jenna Palacios, Alumni & Internship Coordinator, at