Economics Department Scholarship

The Economics Department offers several scholarships that students can apply for during the winter semester. Scholarship applications are only available to apply for during winter semester. App​lications for Spring/Summer are due the end of February and applications for Fall/Winter are due the middle of April. See the application for specific due dates.​​​                                                                                                                         


To be eligible for any of these awards, you must​​: 

  • ​​· Be a decl​ared economics major and have completed Econ 110 with a C- or better grade. 
  • · Be enrolled as a full-time student for the semester or term you would be receive the scholarship. See scholarship application for more specific details. 
  • ·​ Not have received four years of substantial scholarship assistance at BYU or not have at least 1/2 tuition University scholarship. Also, no scholarship will be awarded to a student for a term in which he/she is receiving a full tuition scholarship from a non-BYU source.