Economics Department Scholarship

The Economics Department offers several scholarships that students can apply for during the winter semester. Scholarship applications are only available to apply for during winter semester. App​lications for Spring/Summer are due the end of February and applications for Fall/Winter are due the middle of April. See the application for specific due dates.​​​                                                                                                                         


To be eligible for any of these awards, you must​​: 

  • ​​· Be a decl​ared economics major and have completed Econ 110 with a C- or better grade. 
  • · Be enrolled as a full-time student for the semester or term you would be receive the scholarship. See scholarship application for more specific details. 
  • ·​ Not have received four years of substantial scholarship assistance at BYU or not have at least 1/2 tuition University scholarship. Also, no scholarship will be awarded to a student for a term in which he/she is receiving a full tuition scholarship from a non-BYU source.  
  • ​​Applications

    Spring/Summer Scholarship​​Deadline: TBA

    Check back for the application.

    ​Scholarship Thank You Letter

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    More Scholarship Information

    Natio​nal Scholarships, Fellowships, and Programs​​​​


    Experiential Learning Grant

    In an effort to encourage more students to participate in experiential learning, the university administration has provided funds to the Economics Department to assist students who would not be able to have these experiences without funding outside of their own resources. This grant is to be used for study abroad, mentored research, or field study to assist with any expenses related to living expenses, travel, tuition, etc. 


    To be eligible for any of these awards, you must​​: 

    · Have a secured (or be applying for) an experience that will support your academic and career goals.​


    Applications are not being accepted at this time.

    Click here ​to find the story of Brady Stimpson, an economics major. During his internship in Finland as an immigration attorney, Stimpson was able to use his knowledge of Arabic to help a refugee woman struggling to gain citizenship. 

    Internship Grant

    Internships are rewarding and valuable experiences, but can be difficult to finance all of the necessary expenses, even if it is a paid internship. Undergraduate and graduate students who are declared econ majors can apply for an economics department internship grant and/or the College of FHSS internship grant.  Grants are available depending on financial need, the character of the internship, and the extent to which the internship will aid the student in future academic and career goals.​