​​​​​​​​​Why Economics?

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The Department of Economics shares with other departments a commitment to the Mission and Aims of Brigham Young University. It has been our goal to purposefully design a curriculum that will provide our majors with one of the best undergraduate economics programs in the country.  ​

​A careful study of economics facilitates effective decision making and enhances our students' understanding, participation in, and contribution to the world in which they live in areas such as: ​

  • · Economic growth
  • · Levels of employment
  • · Inflation
  • · International trade
  • · Globalization
  • · Taxation
  • · Finance ​
  • · Consequences of alternative economic policies
  • ·​ Costs and benefit analysis of alternative proposals​​

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Cl​ick the link here to visit our BYU Economics YouTube Channel where you can view more videos of students explaining why they chose economics.​​