List of Courses Offered

The Department of Economics at Brigham Young University offers a wide variety of courses including principles, introductory electives, intermediate theory, advanced electives and advanced theory. The following information gives a list of faculty members who teach/have taught the course and a schedule of planned courses. 

Note: Course offerings depend critically on the availability of a qualified instructor. Some courses have not been offered recently, but may be offered in the future depending on personnel changes. 

To verify which courses are available and when, check the University Class Schedules: Current University Class Schedules​.

​Course descriptions can be found through the University Academic Catalog​.

Course​​TitleFacultyPrerequisites​When Taught
110​Economic Principles and Problems​Lefgren, Kearl, Platt, A. Pope, Showalter​​None​Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
​199RAcademic Internship​TBA​Approved application and internship coordinator approval​Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
210​Career Prep Seminar​Condie​110​​Fall, Winter
​21​3R​Topics of Economic AnalysisTBA​110​Dependent on faculty availability
257​International Trade and Finance​Kearl​110​Fall, Summer
​37​8​Statistics for Economics​Bradford, McMurray, Sims, Eide​110 & Math 112*​Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
380​Intermediate Price Theory 1 (Micro)​Cardon, Lefgren, Price, Sims, Waters, Denning​110 & Math 112*​Fall, Winter, Spring  
381​Intermediate Macroeconomics​Condie, vom Lehn​110 & Math 112*​Fall, Winter
382​Intermediate Price Theory II (Micro)​Cardon, Lefgren, Platt, Pope, Ransom, Stovall​378 & 380​Fall, Winter, Spring
388​Introduction to Econometrics​Eide, Frandsen, Ransom, Showalter​378 & 380​Fall, Winter
413R​Topics in Economic Theory: History of Thought Lambson​378 & 380​Dependent on faculty availability
420​Economics of Antitrust Law and Regulation​Kearl​378 & 380 (382 is recommended)​Fall
421​Law and Economics​Kearl​378 & 380​Winter
431​Economic Development​Stoddard​380 & ​388Fall, ​Winter
432​Economic Growth​Stoddard, vom Lehn​381 & 388; or 380, 381, & Poli 328​Fall, Winter
440​Natural Resources and Environmental Economics​A. Pope, J. Pope​380 & 388 (382 is recommended)​Fall, Winter
442Behavioral Economics​Price388​Winter, Spring
450​Financial Economics​Condie ​382 & 388​Winter
453​Theory of Money & Ban​king​TBA​380 & 381​Dependent on faculty availability
458​International Trade Theory and Applications​Bradford  ​388; or 380 & Poli 328Fall
459​International Monetary Theory​TBA​381 & 388; or 380, 381, & Poli 328Dependent on faculty availability
461Economics of Education​Eide​388 or concurrent enrollment​Fall, Winter
463​Economics of the Labor Market​Sims​388​Winter
465​Health Economics​Showalter​382 & 388Fall
468​Urban Economics​Ransom​378 & 380; 388 or concurrent enrollmentFall
476​Industrial Organization​Cardon​378​Fall, Winter
477​Political Economy​McMurray​378 & 382 (388 is recommended)​Fall, Winter
478​Game Theory and Economics​Lambson​378 & 380​Fall, Winter
​484Machine Learning for Economists​Frandsen380 & 388​​Fall, Winter
488​Applied EconometricsDenning, ​Lefgren, J. Pope​388​Fall, Winter, Spring
580​Advanced Price Theory (Micro)​Lambson, Condie​378 & 382​Fall​
581​Advanced MacroeconomicsTBA​381, 382, 388Dependent on faculty availability
582​Topics in Mathematical Economics​​Lambson, Platt​580​Winter
​586​Advanced Mathematics for Economists​Lambson380 & Math 314​​Fall, Winter
588Econometrics​Frandsen  ​388​Winter​

*  Note, Math 116 and Math 118 do not substitute for Math 112​.​

All Econ courses are 3 credit hours with the exception of "R" classes, which vary in credit hours. ​​​