List of Courses Offered

The Department of Economics at Brigham Young University offers a wide variety of courses including principles, introductory electives, intermediate theory, advanced electives and advanced theory. The following information gives a list of faculty members who teach/have taught the course and a schedule of planned courses. 

Note: Course offerings depend critically on the availability of a qualified instructor. Some courses have not been offered recently, but may be offered in the future depending on personnel changes. 

Class offerings in Spring/Summer are sparse.  Please plan accordingly.

To verify which courses are available and when, check the University Class Schedules: Current University Class Schedules​.

​Course descriptions can be found through the University Academic Catalog​.

Course​​TitleFacultyPrerequisites​When Taught
110​Economic Principles and Problems​Lefgren, Kearl, Platt, A. Pope, Showalter​​None​Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
​199RAcademic Internship​TBA​Approved application and internship coordinator approval​Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
210​Career Prep Seminar​Condie​110​​Fall, Winter
​21​3R​Topics of Economic AnalysisTBA​110​Dependent on faculty availability
257​International Trade and Finance​Kearl​110​Fall, Summer
​37​8​Statistics for Economics​Bradford, McMurray, Sims, Eide​110 & Math 112*​Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
380​Intermediate Price Theory 1 (Micro)​Cardon, Lefgren, Price, Sims, Waters, Denning​110 & Math 112*​Fall, Winter, Spring  
381​Intermediate Macroeconomics​Condie, vom Lehn​110 & Math 112*​Fall, Winter
382​Intermediate Price Theory II (Micro)​Cardon, Lefgren, Platt, J. Pope, Ransom, Stovall​378 & 380​Fall, Winter, Spring
388​Introduction to Econometrics​Eide, Frandsen, Ransom, Showalter​378 & 380​Fall, Winter
413R​Topics in Economic Theory: History of Thought Lambson​378 & 380​Dependent on faculty availability
420​Economics of Antitrust Law and Regulation​Kearl​378 & 380 (382 is recommended)​Fall
421​Law and Economics​Kearl​378 & 380​Winter
431​Economic Development​Stoddard388; or 380 & Poli 328Fall, ​Winter
432​Economic Growth​vom Lehn​381 & 388; or 380, 381, & Poli 328​Fall, Winter
440​Natural Resources and Environmental Economics​A. Pope, J. Pope​380 & 388 (382 is recommended)​Fall, Winter
442Behavioral Economics​Price388​Winter, Spring
450​Financial Economics​Condie ​382 & 388​Winter
453​Theory of Money & Ban​king​TBA​380 & 381​Dependent on faculty availability
458​International Trade Theory and Applications​Bradford  ​388; or 380 & Poli 328​Dependent on faculty availability
459​International Monetary Theory​TBA​381 & 388; or 380, 381, & Poli 328Dependent on faculty availability
461Economics of Education​Eide​388 or concurrent enrollment​Fall, Winter
463​Economics of the Labor Market​Sims​388​Winter
465​Health Economics​Showalter​382 & 388Fall
468​Urban Economics​Ransom​378 & 380; 388 or concurrent enrollmentFall
476​Industrial Organization​Cardon​378​Fall, Winter
477​Political Economy​McMurray​378 & 382 (388 is recommended)​Fall, Winter
478​Game Theory and Economics​Lambson​378 & 380​Dependent on faculty availability
​484Machine Learning for Economists​Frandsen380 & 388​​Fall, Winter
488​Applied EconometricsDenning, ​Lefgren, J. Pope​388​Fall, Winter, Spring
580​Advanced Price Theory (Micro)Condie​378 & 382​Fall​
581​Advanced MacroeconomicsTBA​381, 382, 388Dependent on faculty availability
582​Topics in Mathematical Economics​Platt​580​Winter
​586​Advanced Mathematics for Economists​Lambson380 & Math 314​​Dependent on faculty availability
588Econometrics​Frandsen, Lefgren​388​Winter​

*  Note, Math 116 and Math 118 do not substitute for Math 112​.​

All Econ courses are 3 credit hours with the exception of "R" classes, which may ​vary in credit hours. ​​​