Computer and Software Information



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The Department of Economics has no special recommendations for computers.  



The statistical software economics students will use is available on the lab computers. However, students may purchase their own copy of STATA--one of the software programs used--at a discounted rate. Students are NOT required to have the software on their own computer, and this program will not be used until a student is taking upper division courses.

There are two main versions of Stata, Stata/IC for mid-sized datasets (about 2,000 variables), and Stata/SE (about 32,000 variables) for large datasets.  Students can purchase six month, twelve month, or perpetual licenses of either version at discounted rates.  

​You must be a current BYU student to order the software at this discounted rate.  

To Access the STATA Student Discount​

      1. 1.  Go to https://www.stata.com/order.
      2. 2.  Choose "United States" and click "Go."
      3. 3.  Select the box entitled "Student" and click "New Purchase."
      4. 4.  Select the desired license type and click "Buy."​