​​​​​​​​R​​2​ Research Seminar Archives​

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Causes and Consequences of Fragmented Care Delivery: T​heory, Evidence and Public Policy
Brigham Frandsen
Brigham Young University
Cherry-Picking with Asymmetric Information: A Model of Wage Dispersion, Sorting and Unemployment Stigma
Lars Lefgren & Brennen Platt
Brigham Young University
The Other 1%: Class Contamination and Voting for Redistribution

Lars Lefgren, David Sims & ​Olga Stoddard​
Brigham Young University
“Partially Identifying the Distribution of Treatment Effects: Bounds on the Distribution of Returns to Schooling”​
Brigham Frandsen
Brigham Young University
"The Simple Geometry of Causal Regression," or, "Butler's Last Stand"

Richard Butler
Brigham Young University
 "Increasing the Number of Organ Transplants in the U.S.: The Effect of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 2006" 
Mark Showalter
Brigham Young University
"Using Big Data to Measure the Economy"​

Luiz Maykot and Tyler White
 "Polarization and Pandering in a Spatial Model of Common-value Elections"
Joey McMurray
Brigham Young University

"The BYU Record Linking Lab: Linking the Entire US Population Together"

Joe Price
Brigham Young University
​​​"Trait-Augmented Extensive Form Games"

Val Lambson
Brigham Young University

​"Rail Transit and Highway Congestion in Los Angeles"

Michael Ransom 
Brigham Young University

"The Impact of Teachers Unions on Teachers' Well-being under Different Legal Institutions: Evidence from Districts-Teachers Matched Data"​

Eunice Han
University of Utah​​


Captive Finance and the Coase ​​Conjectu​re


Ryan Pratt
Brigham Young Un​iversity
A Test for Rank Similarity and Partial Identification of the Distribution of Treatment Effects

Brigham Frandsend, Ph.D.
& Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.
Brigham Young Un​iversity
The Effect of Teacher Pay for Performance on Adult Outcomes in the United States

Kevin Mumford, Ph. D. 
Purdue University
​​The Effects of Student Dual-Credit Enrollment on Secondary and Higher Education Outcomes: The Utah Case ... and Beyond

Richard Haskell
​Westminster College
Born Under a Lucky Star: The Effects of Financial Aid on Enrolled Students

Jeff Denning
Brigham Young University
Inferring Ascending Auction Participation from Observed Bidders

Brennan Platt

Brigham Young University
​The Marginal Voter's Curse

Joey McMu​rray
Brigham Young University
Life Cycle Labor Supply and the Generational Accounts Tax Burden

Christian vom Lehn
Brigham Young University​


A Big Data Approach to Optimal Sales Taxation

Rick Evans, Ph.D.

Brigham Young Un​iversity

Skill Complexity and Strategic Dynamics

Val Lambson, Ph.D.
coauthored with John van den Berghe
Treatment Effects with Censoring and Endogeneity
Brigham Frandsen, Ph.D.
Brigham Young Un​iversity
Wages, Health Insurance Benefits, and Worker Sorting Under Asymmetric Information
Mark Showalter, Ph.D.
Brigham Young Un​iversity
Eric Bettinger, Ph.D.
Standford University

Evidence of Productivity Responses to Status Awards: Evidence from NBA All-Star Selections

Joshua Pric​​​e, Ph.D.
Southern Utah University

A 50 State Database of Involuntary Commitment Laws and Their Effect on Crime

Griffin Edwards, Ph.D.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Entropic Discounting of Geometric Means: An Index for Lotteries and Portfolios

Val Lambson, Ph.D.
Richard Butler, Ph.D.
Brigham Young University
State Policies and Intergenerational Economic Mobility

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.
Brigham Young Un​iversity
Hidden Orders on the NASDAQ

Scott Condie, Ph.D.
Brigham Young Un​iversity
Escaping the Fire Sale: Post-shock Dynamics with Endogenous Price Dispersion

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
Brigham Young Un​iversity


Book of Mormon Words: Foundation for a Post-Modern Tradition?

Richard Butler, Ph.D.
E-bay or Amazon? Time-Sensitive Retail Purchases via Auctions

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
Heideggerian Temporality and the Demand for Insurance

Richard Butler, Ph.D.

Evaluating Higher Education's Two Body Problem

Jared Woolstenhulme, Ph.D.

Moral Hazard in Physician Teams: The Case of ACOs

Brigham Frandsen, Ph.D.

Death of the American Dream?

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.
Walmart and Housing Prices

Jaren Pope, Ph.D.

Partisan Bias in Union Representation Elections: Testing for Manipulation in the Regression Discontinuity Design When the Running Variable is Discrete

Brigham Frandsen, Ph.D.

Competiton and Collusion among Gas Stations: A Toy Model and a Picture

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D. and Brigham Frandsen, Ph.D.
Productivity Spillovers in Team Production: Evidence from Professional Basketball

Joe Price, Ph.D.
Luck, Entitlement, and Redistribution: Experimental Evidence

Olga Bogach, Ph.D.
State-dependent Monetary Policy

Rick Evans, Ph.D.​



A 2-Phase Labeling and Choice Architecture Intervention to Improve Healthy Food and Beverage Choices

Jason Riis, Ph.D.
Harvard Business School
Using Behavioral Economics to Encourage Fruit and Vegetable Consumption during School Lunch

Joe Price, Ph.D.​
Age Determinants of Marital Search Decisions

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.​
Utah State Pension System

Kerk Philips, Ph.D. and Rick Evans, Ph.D.
What Good is a Good Fit? The Value of Religious Matching in Education

Catherine Pakaluk
Ave Maria University
Personal Income Tax Salience

Kevin Mumford
University of Purdue
Exact Inference for a Weak Instrument, Small Sample, or Extreme Quatiles

Brigham Frandsen, Ph.D.​
Protection and Skills: Is Trade Policy 'Progressive'?

Scott Bradford, Ph.D.​
The Political Economy of Foreign Exchange Market Intervention

Shinji Takagi, Ph.D.​
The Yield Curve and the Business Cycle

Rick Evans, Ph.D.​
Why the Political World is Flat: An Endogenous 'Left' and 'Right' in Multidimensional Political Competition

Joseph McMurray, Ph.D.
Outcome Based Accountability: Theory and Evidence

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.​
Information Inertia

Scott Condie, Ph.D.
Stimulus and Monetary Policy: A Tale of Two Agencies with Conflicting Objectives

Val Lambson, Ph.D.​​​


The Gender Gap in Mathematics: Evidence and Analysis​

Dave Hansen, Ph.D.
The Global Welfare and Poverty Effects of Rich Nation Immigration Barriers

Scott Bradford, Ph.D.
Fame and Fortune 
in Economics Departments—
How Research Influence Determines Pay and Position

Michael Ransom, Ph.D.
Experimental and Conceptual Innovators in the Sciences: The Cases of Darwin and Einstein

Clayne Pope, Ph.D.
Sticking with What 
(Barely) Worked

Brennan Platt (with Lars Lefgren and Joe Price), Ph.D.

National Evidence on the Non-Market Economy

Jaren Pope, Ph.D.

Market Bubbles and Crashes 
as an Expression of Tension Between Social and 
Individual Rationality

Elena Asparouhova, Ph.D.
University of Utah
Is U.S. Patent 
Protection too Strong?

Jeff Thurk, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame
Air Pollution, Death, and the Shape of the Marginal Cost Curve

Arden Pope, Ph.D.
Union Wage Setting and the Distribution of Employees Earnings: Evidence from Certification Elections
Brigham Frandsen, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology​ ​


Motivated Buyers: Real Estate Prices over the Search Spell

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
To Choose or Not to Choose Multiple Choice Answers: Measuring Risk Aversion in an Educational Setting

Matthew Butler, Ph.D.

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.,
David Sims, Ph.D., and
Scott Condie, Ph.D.
Incentives, Default Options, and Choices: Which Small Changes Work in Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption During School Lunch?

Joseph Price, Ph.D.
Chapter 11: Bankruptcy and Industry Turnover

Richard Evans, Ph.D.
Coaches on the Hot Seat: Testing Models of Moral Hazard and Screening

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D. and Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
The Economics and Perplexing Law of Prejudgment Interest

Jim Kearl, Ph.D.
Sunk Costs and Uncertainty

Val Lambson, Ph.D.
Occupational Choice and Learning in a Stochastic Dynamic Programming Framework: Preliminary Motivation and Model

Matthew Baird, Ph.D. Candidate
(University of California, Los Angeles)
Peace, Conflict, and the Shadow of the Future

Michael McBride, Ph.D. Candidate
(University of California, Irvine)
Long Term Stagnation Among the Bankrupt

Daniel Sullivan and
Frank McIntyre, Ph.D.
Home Prices and Household Balance Sheets Through the Bubble

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.
Linearization About the Current State: A Computational Method for Approximating Nonlinear Policy Functions

Kerk Phillips, Ph.D.
A Spatial Model of Common-Value Elections: Electoral Mandates, Minor-Party Candidate, and the Signaling Voter's Curse

Joseph McMurray, Ph.D.
Bailouts vs. Regulation

Richard Evans, Ph.D. and Scott Condie, Ph.D.
Running Out of Time: Limited Unemployment Benefits and Wage Dispersion

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
​​Workplace Benefits Overlap, Claimant Learning, and Benefit-Expenditure Concentration

Richard Butler, Ph.D.​ ​ ​​


The Effect of the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform on the Income Distribution of Filers

Frank McIntyre, Ph.D.
Entertainment Shopping

Jim Kearl, Ph.D.
NCAA Bowl Finance Dynamics: A Structural Estimation of the Effect of Playoffs

Richard Evans, Ph.D.
Savings and Wage Dispersion

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.​
A Simple Financial Model of Maize Storage and an Assessment of External Threat

Kerk Phillips, Ph.D.
Rich Dad, Smart Dad: Decomposing the Integenerational Transmission of Income

David Sims, Ph.D.
The Impact of Multiperil Crop Insurance on Farm Survival

Barrett Kirwan, Ph.D.
University of Maryland
Trains and Traffic on Utah's Highways

Michael Ransom, Ph.D.
Monitoring Costs

Scott Condie, Ph.D.
State-Depende Optimal Monetary Policy

Richard Evans, Ph.D.
Marriage and Infant Health

Joseph Price, Ph.D.
Pay-to-Bid Auctions

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
Measuring Disparities and Their Impact: Examples from Health Care

Richard Butler, Ph.D.​
Intertemporal Sleep Choice

Mark Showalter, Ph.D. ​


The Dynamics of Partially-Revealing Rational Expectations Equilibria

Scott Condie, Ph.D.
Cash Flow and Agricultural Investment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Barrett Kirwan, Ph.D.
University of Maryland
The Persistence of Teacher-Induced Learning Grants

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.
Simulating Open Economy Multisectoral Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models: Theory and Hints at Applications

Kerk Phillips, Ph.D.
Debt Collection on the Frontier

Heather Howard, Ph.D.​
Productivity Revolutions and Science Driven Growth

Phillip Garner, Ph.D.



Ambiguity and Partially-Revealing Expectations Equilibria

Scott Condie, Ph.D.
Time vs. Money: Which Resources Matter More for Children?

Joseph Price, Ph.D.
The Home Boy Bias: Evidence for and Determinants of

Grant McQueen, Ph.D.
Search, Moral Hazard, and Price Dispersion

Brennan Platt, Ph.D.
Temptation and Self-Control as Duals

​John Stovall, Ph.D.
California State University, Bakersfield
The Impact of Research Grant Funding on Scientific Productivity

Lars Lefgren, Ph.D.
Regression Decomposition: Welfare Implications Using Stochastic Dominance

Richard Butler, Ph.D
Medical Cost Adjustments Using Regression

Richard Butler, Ph.D.​​