Major/Minor Program Requirements

Econ Major Requirements

Minimum residence requirement is 21 hours in the major.
​ Major Academ​ic Plan​ (MAP)
REQUIREMENT 1 Complete 2 Options
  ​Option 2: Supporting courses 
  Complete one course​ with a grade of C- or better:
Note 1: A university calculus course such as Math 112 or 113 is strongly recommended. Deferred students are encouraged to take a refresher math course such as EngT 295R before or concurrent with Econ 378, 380, or 381.
Note 2: For students contemplating graduate work in economics, the 500-level economics courses plus Math 113, 313, and 314 are strongly recommended.
Note 1: The 200-level field courses are intended as interim courses as a student moves from Econ 110 into the 300-level core courses. Having completed Econ 380 students are strongly encouraged to take the 400-level rather than the 200-level field courses.
Note 2: Students should not take both a 200-level and a 400-level course with the same last two digits (e.g., Econ 275 and 475), although they are encouraged to take the 300- and 500-level theory classes (e.g., Econ 380 and 580).​

Econ Minor Requirements

REQUIREMENT 2 Complete 9.0 hours from the following Courses