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​"Student Featured for Her Honors Thesis"

Brooke Smith

Congratulations to Brooke Smith who was featured in the BYUNews for her honors thesis which studied the effects of philanthropist companies such as TOMS...​ [more]


"Graduates Receive Top Honors"

This year's Economic graduates carry on the tradition of receiving top honors...​ [more] ​​​

"I Knew it..."

Jacqueline Andros

Jacqueline Andros, a recent BYU Economics graduate, was highlighted in the BYU news for her study of people and their exhibition of hindsight bias...​ [more]

​"Grades and Housing"

Hannah Marchant

Economics major Hannah Marchant's honors thesis on the correlation between freshmen grades and whether they live on or off campus was recently highlighted in the Provo Daily Herald...​ [more]


"BYU Student Jason Despain Named 2011 Truman Scholar"

Jason Despain

​Jason Despain, an economics major from Wyoming studying at Brigham Young University…​ [more]​​​

​​"Does the Economy Determine the President? A Regression Model for Predicting US Presidential Elections"

Roy Roth

​Roy Roth, Economics major at BYU, recently had his Econ 388 paper published in the Undergraduate Economic Review... [more]


"Students Examine Movie Ratings and the Box Office" 

Craig Palsson, Jared Shores

A generation ago PG films like Ghostbusters... dominated at the box office...​ [more]

"BYU Seventh in Nation for Grads that Get PhDs"

Patrick Turley

BYU undergrad Patrick Turley is dealing with a very good problem...​ [more]