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2016 BYU Economics Magazine​

Check out the latest version of the Economics Magazine! Articles include stories of successful female alumni, a Q&A with entrepreneur and BYU Econ alum David Blake, and a tribute to our three ​​retiring faculty: Rulon Pope, Richard Butler and James McD​onald.​​​

​​​​Professors in the News 

The Washington​ Post​

Prof. J​eff Denning​

Dr. Jeff Denning was featured in The Washington Post article "How Many Students will Sign Up for Obama's Free Community College Plan? The Evidence​". Dr. Denning studied what happened when high school students got a discount on community college throughout different​ communities in Texas, and his results are worth reading about. ​ [more​]

​​​European Economic Review

Prof. Brennan Platt

Dr. Brennan Platt’s recent publication, “Accounting for Age in Marital Search Decisions,” has been published in the European Economic Review, highlighting the quality of spouse in relation to the age in which an individual marries. Click the link to learn more about the factors involved and the roles they play in explaining marriage market outcomes. [more]​

Wall Street Journal

​Prof. Eric Eide & Prof. Mark Showalter

Professors Eric Eide and Mark Showalter with colleague, Michael Hilmer of San Diego State University, wrote “Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries? Only for Some Professions,” which was the featured article in the wealth management section of the Wall Street Journal. The article, which is based on their latest research, explains that salary income is more affected by selected major than selected college.​ [m​ore]​

The New York Times​

Prof. Arden Pope 

Dr. Arden Pope and colleagues discovered a link between air pollution and blood vessel damage in his most recent publication, "Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution Is Associated with Endothelial Injury and Systemic Inflammation". His paper has received attention from The New York Times, Reuters, and Deseret News.​ [more]​

Colorado Public Radio

​​Prof. Michael Ransom

Dr. Michael Ransom was interviewed on the Colorado Public Radio to discuss his research on the effects and analysis of railway expansion. Ransom’s recent paper, “The Effect of Light Rail on Highway Traffic in Denver: A Critical Reappraisal,” finds that such railway expansion does not pass the cost – benefit analysis and proves to actually be an impractical, expensive option. Click to listen to the interview.​​ [more​]