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Professors in the News 

​Journal of Statistics and Probability Letters

Prof. James McDonald

Dr. McDonald's article "Skewness-Kurtosis Bounds for the Skewed Generalized T and Related Distributions,"  was published in the September edition of the Journal of Statistics and Probability Letters. [more]​

"Manager Ethnicity and Employment Segregation"

Prof. Michael Ransom

Dr. Michael Ransom used nine years of personnel records from a regional grocery store chain in the US to examine the effects of manager ethnicity on the ethnic composition of employment. Comparing the effects of manager ethnicity across several types of jobs, he found that ethnicity has significant effect on hiring patterns. [more]

Interviewed on KSL

Prof. James Kearl

Dr. Jim Kearl was recently interviewed on KSL as part of its 45-min documentary of Jerusalem. Dr. Kearl, who oversees the Jerusalem​ Center from Provo, discusses about being a good neighbor and providing a good experience for the students and locals. He says that the center helps "build goodwill" between Utah and Israel. [more]

Economic Inquiry

Prof. Olga Stoddard

Dr. Olga Stoddard's article, "An Experimental Study on the Relevance and Scope of Nationality as a Coordination Device", was recently published in Economic Inquiry. [more]

​New Economics Faculty Member Welcomed

Prof. Christian vom Lehn

The Economics Department welcomes Christian vom Lehn as the newest addition in the Economics Department. Professor vom Lehn graduated with his Bachelor's degree from BYU in 2009 and received his MA and Ph.D. from Princeton University. His primary research interests are in macroeconomics and labor economics. [more]

​Professor Mark Showalter featured in FHSS Magazine

Prof. Mark Showalter

In the most recent edition of "Connections", the quarterly FHSS magazine, Dr. Mark Showalter discusses how he discovered his love for economics, his professional experience, and his goals as a professor at BYU. [more]

​Econ Faculty Members published in Management Science

Prof. Lars Lefgren, Prof. Brennan Platt, & Prof. Joseph Price

A new article entitled "Sticking with What (Barely) Worked: A Test of Outcome Bias" has been published in the journal, Management Science. The article, written by Professors Lars Lefgren, Brennan Platt, and Joseph Price, examines data from professional basketball matches in order to draw conclusions about the way the outcome of an event can affect the way a strategy is revised after the event. [more] ​