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2012 Economics Magazine​

​The Department of Economics is excited to announce the inaugural edition of the Economics Magazine. 


Professors in the News​​​

"Digging the Deficit: Where the Money Goes, How to Fix It, and What It Means to the World"

Prof. Mark​ Showalter​​

Dr. Mark Showalter, of the Economics Department, and Dr. Scott Cooper, of the P​olitical Science Department, recently presented at the Kennedy Center Lecture with a lecture entitled, "Digging the Deficit: Where the Money Goes, How to Fix It, and What It Means to the World." [more]​

​"Healthcare Disparities Between Birth Weight and Mortality"​

Prof. Richard Butler

This method analyzes how a modified Gini index serves as an enhanced technique of estimating health care discrepancies and was applied to the connection between birth weight and following mortality rates. [​more]

​"High School Students Test Best with 7 Hours' Rest"

Prof. Mark Sh​owalter & Prof. Eric Eide

Whether or not you know any high school students that actually get nine hours of sleep each night, that's what federal guidelines currently prescribe. A new Brigham Young University study found...[more]

Additional articles: US News & World Report

​"Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees"

Prof. Joseph​ Price

The NBA provides an intriguing place to assess discrimination. [more]

​​​"Limited Unemployment Benefits and Reservation Wages"

Prof. Brennan​ Platt

Dr. Brennan Platt's article, "Running Out of Time: Limited Unemployment Benefits and Reservation Wages," was recently published in the Review of Economic Dynamics. [more]​

​​​​​Professor Rulon Pope to Present at Forum

Prof. Rulon Pope

Professor Rulon Pope, who was the recipient of the Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award (the University's highest honor) will present at the BYU University Forum. ​[​​more]​

​​​​"Tithing vs. Taxes"

Prof. Michael Ransom

Dr. Ransom, along with colleague Gordon Dahl, surveyed over 1,200 LDS members on the importance and characteristics of tithing.[more]​​​

​​​​​"Within-Family Variation in Obesity"

Prof. Joseph Price

Dr. Joseph Price and recent graduate, Jeff Swigert, were highlighted in the BYU News this week for their research on obesity and its link to genetics. ​[more]​

​​​​"When Walmart Comes to Town: Always Low Housing Prices? Always?"

Prof. Jaren Pope

Dr. Jaren Pope and his brother, Devin Pope, Economics professor at the University of Chicago, recently published their research on Walmart and its effect on neighborhood housing prices. [more]​​

​​​​"Rich Dad, Smart Dad"

Prof. David Sims

What influences a child's future success the most?  The size of their father's paycheck or the less tangible traits passed down such as smarts, work-ethic and advice? [more]​

​​​Welcoming New Faculty

We would like to welcome Olga Bogach, Brigham Frandsen, and Shinji Takagi to the Department of Economics. [more]​

​"Europe​​ in a Nutshell"

Prof. Rick​​ Evans

As a part of the "Europe in a Nutshell: Will it Crack" Conference being held this week on campus, Dr. Rick Evans will participate in the "Economy & Crisis" expert panel. ​[more]​

​​​​"Presidential Predictions"

Prof. Kerk Phillips

This month, in the Deseret News, Dr. Kerk Phillips discusses the different methods some people use to attempt to predict the outcomes of the upcoming Presidential election. [more]​

​​​​"Championships and College Choices"

Prof. Jaren Pope

Dr. Jaren Pope, BYU Economics Assistant Professor recently published a study in The Journal of Sports Economics on the effect a successful sports season has on the number of college applicants. [more]​

​​​​"Real Exchange Rate Nonlinearity"

Prof. Kerk Phillips

Dr. Kerk Phillips recently published an article in Applied Financial Economics, entitled "What is the Shape of Real Exchange Rate Nonlinearity?".​ [more]​

​​​​​"Sleep and Student Achievement"

Prof. Mark Showalter & Prof. Eric Eide

In their new study, Dr. Mark Showalter and Dr. Eric Eide explore the relationship between sleep and student performance on standardized tests. [more]​

​​​"Gauging Risk Stability: A Simple Test Using Patterns of Workers' Compensation Claims"

Prof. Richard Butler & Prof. D​el Gardner

Dr. Richard Butler and Dr. Del Gardner recently published their article "Gauging Risk Stability: A Simple Test Using Patters of Workers' Compensation Claims" in the Journal of Financial Risk Management. [more]​

"Even Economically, Disasters like Hurricane Sandy are Bad Things"

Prof. Kerk ​Phillips

Dr. Phillips recently published an article in the Deseret News discussing the misconception many have that natural disasters create an opportunity for economic growth. [more]​

"​​​​​Quantile Treatment Effects in the Regression Discontinuity Design"

Prof. Brigham Fra​​ndsen

Dr. Brigham Frandsen's article was recently published in the Journal of Econometrics. ​[more]​