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Professors in the News

​"Why Does the US Have a Federal Reserve System Anyway?"

Prof. Kerk P​hillips​​

Money in most countries in the world is issued by a central bank that is granted the monopoly right to issue the nation's currency... [more]

"Modeling Asset Markets when Knowledge is Ambiguous"

Prof. Scott Con​die

Dr. Condie sat down for an interview with "Institute for New Economic Thinking" to discuss his work. [more]

"Have Candidates Propose Budgets, Stop Fantasizing"

Prof. Clayne L​​. Pope

In each campaign, Democrats and Republicans concoct fantasies... [more]​

​President Samuelson Welcomes Faculty, Announces Annual Awards

Prof. Rulon Pop​​e & Prof. Steven Waters

Rulon D. Pope received this year's Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award, and Steven Waters received the Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award. [more]

"Balanced Budget Amendment is Poorly Written, Naive"

Prof. Jim Kearl

Households often do not balance their budgets on an annual basis and neither do local and state governments. [more]​

"What Exactly is the IMF and What Does It Do?"

Prof. Kerk ​​Phillips

Last month the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested in New York. [more]​

"Study: NBA Referees' Whistles Not Entirely Colorblind"

Prof. Josep​​h Price

Though they've risen to the top of their profession and work in front of huge audiences, NBA referees...​ [more]​

​​​"Bootstrap Error Variance, Structural VARs and IRFs"

Prof. Kerk Phillips & Prof. D​avid Spencer

Dr. Kerk Phillips and Dr. David Spencer's article in the latest issue of the Journal of Macroeconomics, discusses bootstrapping structural VARs. [more]​

"Social Security System Isn't Bankrupt-- Yet, but it Needs Fixing" 

Prof. Ker​​​k Phillips

​In mid-May, the trustees of the U.S. Social Security system issued… [more]

​"Short-term Lending Not Predatory in Utah"

Prof. ​​​​​Rick Evans

Assistant Professor Richard W. Evans's lastest research reveals that short-term lending is not as destructive as assumed. [more]

"Cause of Recession Debated among Macroeconomists"

Prof. K​​erk Phillips

Not all recessions and recoveries are equal. A downturn can be as mild as the one from July 1990 to March 1991 when GDP fell by 1.3%... [more]

"Majority of Cost to Operate Frontrunner Falls on Taxpayers"

Prof. Michael Ransom

In a recent interview by Channel 2 news, Dr. Michael Ransom discusses how the Frontrunner is not economically effective​​. [more]

"Flutie Effect? The Impact of College Sports Success on Student Applications"

Prof. Jaren Po​pe

Dr. Jaren Pope's recent study about how a successful football or basketball season influences the number of applicants was cited as evidence for the Flutie effect. [more]

"A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model"

Prof. Scott Bradfor​​d & Prof. Kerk Phillips

Dr. Scott Bradford and Dr. Kerk Phillips use a dynamic general equilibrium model to examine hypothetical market reforms in North Korea. [more]

​"Lifting All Boats?"

Prof. David​ Sims

Dr. David Sims' research findings suggests that a successful lawsuit does raise revenues. [more]

​"Estimating the Relation between Health and Education"

Prof. Eric Eide & Prof. Mark S​​howalter

Dr. Eric Eide and Dr. Mark Showalter review the most recent evidence on the nature of the relation between education and health. [more]

​​​​"Is the Euro Toast?"

Prof. Rick E​​vans

Dr. Rick Evans recently discussed the "woes of the euro" in the Center for the Study of Europe's cafe lecture series. [more]