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"Why Does the US Have a Federal Reserve  System Anyway?"

Kerk Phillips​​

Money in most countries in the world is issued by a central bank that is granted the monopoly right to issue the nation's currency... [more]

"Modeling Asset Markets when Knowledge is Ambiguous"

Scott Condie

Dr. Condie sat down for an interview with "Institute for New Economic Thinking" to discuss his work... [more]

"Have Candidates Propose Budgets, Stop Fantasizing"

Clayne L. Pope

In each campaign, Democrats and Republicans concoct fantasies... [more]

​"President Samuelson Welcomes Faculty, Announces Annual Awards"

Rulon D. Pope and Steven M Waters

Rulon D. Pope received this year's Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award, and Steven Waters received the Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award... [more]

"Balanced Budget Amendment is Poorly Written, Naive"

J.R. Kearl

Households often do not balance their budgets on an annual basis and neither do local and state governments... [more]

"What Exactly is the IMF and What Does It Do?"

Kerk Phillips

Last month the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested in New York... [more]

"Social Security System Isn't Bankrupt-- Yet, but it Needs Fixing" 

Kerk Phillips

​In mid-May, the trustees of the U.S. Social Security system issued… [more]

"Study:  NBA Referees' Whistles Not Entirely Colorblind"

Joseph Price

Though they've risen to the top of their profession and work in front of huge audiences, NBA referees...​ [more]

"Cause of Recession Debated among Macroeconomists"

Kerk Phillips

Not all recessions and recoveries are equal. A downturn can be as mild as the one from July 1990 to March 1991 when GDP fell by 1.3%... [more]

"Bootstrap Error Variance, Structural VARs and IRFs"

Kerk Phillips and David Spencer

Dr. Kerk Phillips and Dr. David Spencer's article in the latest issue of the "Journal of Macroeconomics," discusses bootstrapping structural VARs... [more]

"Majority of Cost to Operate Frontrunner Falls on Taxpayers"

Michael Ransom

In a recent interview by Channel 2 news, Dr. Michael Ransom discussed how the Frontrunner is not economically effective... [more]

"Short-term Lending Not Predatory in Utah"

Rick Evans

Assistant professor Richard W. Evans's lastest research reveals that short-term lending is not as destructive as assumed... [more]

"Flutie Effect? The Impact of College Sports Success on Student Applications"

Jaren Pope

Dr. Jaren Pope's  recent study about how a successful football or basketball season influences the number of applicants was cited as evidence for the Flutie effect... [more]

"A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model"

Scott Bradford and Kerk Phillips

Dr. Scott Bradford and Dr. Kerk Phillips use a dynamic general equilibrium model to examine hypothetical market reforms in North Korea... [more]

​"Lifting All Boats?"

David Sims

Dr. David Sims' research findings suggests that a successful lawsuit does raise revenues... [more]

​"Estimating the Relation between Health and Education"

Eric Eide and Mark Showalter

Dr. Eric Eide and Dr. Mark Showalter review the most recent evidence on the nature of the relation between education and health... [more]

​"Is the Euro Toast?"

Rick Evans

Dr. Rick Evans recently discussed the "woes of the euro" in the Center for the Study of Europe's cafe lecture series... [more]

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