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​​​Professors in the News


​Stud​​​y Answers How Much Last Year's Teachers Affect this Year's Test Scores​

Prof. Lars Lefgren & Prof. David Sims 

The impact a specific s​chool teacher has on scores. [more]​​

"Pollution Improved, Still a Problem as Clean Air Act Turns 40"

Prof. Arden Pope​

The enemy isn't acid rain anymore. [more]​​

"The Auction Site That's Pure Temptation"

Prof. Brennan Platt & Prof. Joseph Price

Three economists from Brigham Young University, Brennan Platt, Joseph Price and Henry Tappen, find that irrational. [more]

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"Fear of Malpractice Suits Cause Doctors to Reduce Hours"

Prof. Mark Showalter

Because doctors spend less time on the job when their perceived risk of being sued. ​[more]​​​