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​Professors in the News

​"Credit Card Debt​​​ Rises in Some Ar​eas but is Down Overall"

Prof. Lars Lefgren​

Credit card balances are falling across the nation as lenders tighten credit and consumers pare back debt. But in areas hit hard by housing… [more]

​"BSC​​​ Shouldn't Be Punished for Success"

Prof. Jim Kearl

Antitrust laws provide an incentive for parties to pursue their complaints in court: A prevailing private party gets triple its actual damages, a handsome... [more]​​​

​"State Law Factor in Bankruptcy"

Prof. Lars Lefgren & Prof. Frank McIntyre​

People have long considered how a state's bankruptcy rate reflects the demographics of its residents, but a new study by two BYU economists found state… [more]

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​"BY​​U-Harvard SPH Study Shows that Americans Owe Five Months of Their Lives to Cleaner Air"

Prof. Arden​ Pope​

A new study shows that average life expectancy in 51 U.S. cities increased nearly three years over recent decades... [more]

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