​​​​How to Find an Internship

1. Evaluate yourself. Consider your interests, personality, temperament, and needs. Can you afford an unpaid   internship? Often the experience you gain from an unpaid internship can offset the cost. What would be your best investment? Know what you are looking for. For a list of the types of jobs available for economics majors, visit the department's Career Options page. 

2. Research the possibilities. Use resources such as the University Internship Office​ and the University Career Center as well as the internet and personal resources to find a list of companies that fit your criteria. You can also use this website, follow the calendar on the homepage for informational and networking events, and read the weekly email blasts. Then research the companies to find out as much as you can about each one--size, reputation, and history, for example. 

3. Prepare a quality resume and cover letter. Your resume and cover letter are typically the first impression you will make on a potential employer, so you want to make it count. Attend workshops, schedule an appointment with a career counselor, or ask a mentor to help you maximize your presentation. Need somewhere to start? Visit the website for University Career Services or the Business Career Center​

4. Reach out to potential employer. Narrow your list of potential internships to a manageable amount. Use any connections you may have to help you network (including FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn). Next, apply for the internship(s) you want, usually by emailing your resume and cover letter. Apply early when possible. 

5. Follow up. Internship sites often receive a high number of applicants and will likely not respond right away. To make yourself stand out, follow up by phone or e-mail after a week or two. 

6. Prepare for an interview. The next step after getting your foot in the door is the interview. Get as much input and practical experience ahead of time as you can. Again, University Career Services and the Business Career Center offer great resources. Meet with a counselor, a mentor, or even simply google "job interview tips." Start your internet search here