​​​​​​​​Getting Credit for Your Internship 

The Economics Department policy is that students may apply to get credit ONLY if the internship provider requires it, if the student needs credit to fulfill international visa requirements, or if the student's source of funding requires the student to receive credit. Furthermore, students who take the Econ 199R course may only earn .5 credit hours.


Please note that this credit does not apply toward the major, but will apply as university credit. Students are responsible for finding their own internships. Some resources for finding internships can be found through the economics website, BYU Bridge, weekly email blasts to economics majors, the FHSS internship office, online searches, etc. 


IF you fit the requirements above, please contact the Economics Department's internship coordinator, Jessica McDowell (alumni-economics@byu.edu) and complete the instructions below to enroll in the course: 

​1. Visit the BYU Internship Office page. Read through the Applications Instructions and IRAMS Frequently Asked Questionsfound on the Students and Internships tab.

​2. Contact the department internship coordinator (Jessica McDowell) to check to see if your internship will be approved for credit.

3. Fill out the IRAMS Applications through the BYU Internship Office. A completed application will notify the internship coordinator, which begins the process of registering for the Econ 199R internship course. 

    • -If you are an international student, there is additional paperwork you must submit to the International Student Services office. Contact their office to be sure you have all the paperwork submitted.
    • -For more instructions or questions, refer to the University Internship Office's Student Instructions.

4. Economics internships will only be 0.5 credit hours. You can register for Econ 199R once per academic semester or term, but that internship credit does not go toward the total economics major credits.​

5. After you have received approval from the internship office, then you can register for the course.  ​