Funding Your Internship

Internships are rewarding and valuable experiences, but can be difficult to finance all of the necessary expenses, even if it is a paid internship. Below are available opportunities for economic majors who are applying for, or who have secured an internship.

Economics Department Internship Grant

BYU Economics alumni generously provide grants for varied amounts to aid students who have demonstrated financial need for the course of their internship. Grant awards are dependent on compensation, location, and length of internship. You DO NOT have to be accepted for the internship before applying for an internship grant, but you will need to provide proof of acceptance before the internship begins. 

To be eligible, students must meet the following:

  • ​-Be a declared economics major.
  • -Have completed three economics courses by the time of your internship.
  • -Secured (or currently are applying for) an internship that will support your academic and career goals.
  • Applications Deadlines are the same as for the FHSS internship grants:

    • Fall Semester- ​July 15
    • Winter Semester-November 15
    • Spring/Summer Semester-March 15
​​For more information and to complete an internship grant application, go to Economics Department Applications​​​​​​​​.

College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Internship Grant

Internship grants for undergraduate and graduate students who are declared majors in a program in the College of Family, Home, and Social Science are available depending on financial need, the character of the internship, and the extent to which the internship will aid the student in future academic and career goals.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Sem​ester – July 15 by 12 Midnight
  • Winter Semester – November 15 by 12 Midnight
  • Spring/Summer Semester – March 15 by 12 Midnight
Visit the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Internship Grant website for more information and to apply to this opportunity.

International Internships

Interns participating in an international internship may be considered for a scholarship through the Kennedy Center. BYU representatives and coordinators at the Kennedy Center are available to help students with application preparation and to answer questions regarding the various international scholarship opportunities. Students participating in international internships may also apply for department internship grants (see above). 

Visit the Kennedy Center scholarship page for more information. ​

Experential Learning Grant​

In an effort to encourage more students to participate in experiential learning, the university administration has provided funds to the Economics Department to assist students who would not be able to have these experiences without funding outside of their own resources. This grant is to be used for study abroad, mentored research, or field study to assist with any expenses related to living expenses, travel, tuition, etc.

To apply for this grant, go to Economics Department Applications​​.