Student Spotlights 

David Morley

Summer 2016
Maverik, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

Hoping to break into the world of corporate finance, David Morley did his summer 2016 internship with Maverik, Inc. He chose this internship because he didn't have to move to take the job (it was in Salt Lake City), and it gave him the opportunity to learn what a finance department actually does.

His main responsibilities included "taking over the current weekly and monthly financial reports in order to allow the rest of the team to focus on building new reports in a new software system." He also learned what an integral role the finance team plays in a corporation as he assisted in taking financial requests from various departments throughout the company.

Learning the language of the finance department proved his biggest challenge, but also his biggest takeaway. Luckily, he was surrounded by a very supportive team. As he says, they would "each drop whatever they were doing to help me on a problem I was having or to explain something to me about the company."

David's experience at Maverik prepared him well for his future in corporate finance. "My internship gave me a lot of valuable skills that are used across many finance departments such as SQL, complicated Excel manipulation, and generating effective reports. Because of this internship, I have interviewed at many multi-million dollar companies in Utah for potential jobs." 

Have any questions about David's internship experience? Email him at david_morley@live.com for more information!

Robert Bell

Summer 2016
U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Economic & Business Affairs
Washington D.C.

Robert Bell Picture.jpgBefore committing to a lifelong career, Robert Bell wanted to know if working in policy is really for him. Spending his summer in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Office of Economic Sanction Policy and Implementation allowed him and his wife to gain a better understanding of what policy work would be like.  

During his internship, Robert was involved in many important projects, with different work each day. He drafted research on why Cote d'Ivoire should be removed from the U.S. sanctioned list, advised Fortune 500 companies on doing business within sanctioned countries and researched and outlined why sanctioning certain individuals would benefit the United States. As he says, "Basically, the best part for me was knowing that the work I did meant something."

Working in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs allowed Robert to use his economics skills in a large organization. As he explains, "I was able to come up with valuable insights and solutions to complex issues because I remembered the foundations that Dr. Kearl (and others) hammered home with grueling problem sets and mentally exhausting tests. One of the biggest insights for me—government needs more economists." Though he still isn't positive that policy work is the right path for him, he now knows what to expect from a career in policy. ​

Have a question for Robert? Email him at bobbywbell@gmail.com. 

Hallie Saunders

Fall 2015 ​
Bruegel, ​ Economic Think Tank in Brussels, Belgium​

Led by an interest in an international economics internship, Hallie Saunders worked with the Kennedy Center and the international relations department to set up her internship with Bruegel, an economic think tank based in Brussels, Belgium.

Over the course of fall semester 2015, Hallie worked as a research assistant "performing data analysis and background briefings on topics related to European macroeconomics and governance." While working at Bruegel, she had the opportunity to learn from and network with brilliant scholars from top economics programs. Though at times she felt much less experienced than her colleagues, the other researchers helped her bridge the gap and learn what she needed to know.  

For Hallie, the most rewarding part of interning at Bruegel was the work she did and the preparation it has given her for the future. "Combined with constant exposure to rigorous academic research and great forward-looking conversations, my time at Bruegel helped establish a solid economic foundation for future work and schooling."

Hallie's internship experience with Bruegel has proved to be a great strength on her résumé. She recently interviewed for another internship, and her think tank experience was a main topic of conversation in that interview. Through her internship experience, Hallie has developed stronger analytical skills, the ability to work more effectively independently, and a better un​derstanding of the difficult topics think tanks pursue.

Any students with questions about Hallie's internship may email her at saundershallie@gmail.com

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