Joseph P. Price Associate Professor
Office: 162 FOB
Phone: 801-422-5296
PhD, Cornell University, 2007
BA, Brigham Young University, 2003

Research and Professional Experience
Joseph Price specializes in research related to labor, family, and health economics. He received his PhD from Cornell University in 2007. He is currently working on a two-year USDA funded project to examine approaches to encouraging healthy eating in children.

Selected Publications
Brennan Platt, Joseph Price, Henry Tappen (2013). Pay-to-Bid Auctions. Forthcoming in Management Science.
Kasey Buckles, Joseph Price (2013). Selection and the Marriage Premium for Infant Health. Forthcoming in Demography.
David Just, Joseph Price (2013). Using Incentives to Encourage Healthy Eating in Children. Forthcoming in Journal of Human Resources.
Chris Cotton, Frank McIntyre, Joseph Price (2013). Gender Differences in Repeated Competition. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
Kasey Buckles, Melanie Guldi, Joseph Price (2011). Changing the Price of Marriage. Journal of Human Resources.
Joseph Price, Justin Wolfers (2010). Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees. Quarterly Journal of Economics.
Joseph Price, Kosali Simon (2009). Education and the Response to Medical Research. Journal of Health Economics.
Joseph Price (2008). Parent-Child Quality Time: Does Birth Order Matter? Journal of Human Resources.
Joseph Price (2008). Gender Differences in the Response to Competition. Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

Joseph Price