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Curr​iculu​m Vitae

Worker's Compensation,         Disability

Richard J. Butler


Martha Jane Knowlton Coray Professorship


PhD, University of Chicago, 1979​​​

BA, University of Utah, 1973

Research and Professional Experience

Richard J. Butler, Econ Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, has taught at Cornell University, the University of Minnesota (C. Arthur Williams Professor of Insurance), and Brigham Young University (Martha Jane Knowlton Coray Professor of Economics).  His has received numerous awards for his research, including the Kulp-Wright twice (2001 for his solo-authored best book in insurance, and again for contributing to another best book in insurance awarded in 2015), the Kemper (best article in Risk Management Review), and the Mehr (twice for best article standing the test of time) awards. He is a coeditor of the Journal of Risk and Insurance, and on the editorial board of many other journals. He has published approximately 100 articles in insurance, workers' compensation, discrimination, income inequality and education, and two books: The Economics of Social Insurance and Employee Benefits, and Safety Practices, Firm Culture, and Workplace Injuries.  He served as President of the Risk Theory Society in 1999, and was elected a life member of the Society in 2002. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the American Risk and Insurance Association (through 2018).



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