​​​​​Research Interests​

Search Theory
Auction Theory
Game Theory
Public Finance and Political Economy

Research Publications and Papers

Research is organized by topic below.  For a chronological summary, see my current CV​.

​Technical appendices appear in the lower right cell for each paper. Mathematica ".nb" files can be opened using Wolfram's free reader, CDF Player​.

Consumer Search

Rushing to Overpay: Modeling and Measuring the REIT PremiumS. Nuray Akin; Val Lambson; Grant McQueen; Barrett Slade; Justin Wood
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (47:506-537). SpringerWP Version
​October 2013 
A Theory of Search with Deadlines and Uncertain RecallS. Nuray Akin
Economic Theory (55:101-133) SpringerWP Version
January 2014 DeadlinesTA.nb
Continuous time version
Insurance, Consumer Search, and Equilibrium Price DistributionsS. Nuray Akin
Journal of Risk and Insurance (81:397-429) Wiley OnlineWP Version
June 2014 MoralHazardTA.nb
Accounting for Age in Marital Search DecisionsS. Nuray Akin
European Economic Review (85:245–271​) Science DirectWP Version
June 2016 BioClockTA.pdf

A Theory of Discounts and Deadlines in Retail SearchDominic Coey; Bradley Larsen
  Working Paper
​Transition Dynamics in Equilibrium SearchS. Nuray Akin
  Working Paper
​  FireSalesTA.nb​

Labor Search

Running Out of Time: Limited Unemployment Benefits and Reservation WagesS. Nuray Akin.
Review of Economics Dynamics (15:149:170)  Science DirectWP Version
April 2012 
​​​Job Search under Asymmetric Information: Endogenous Wage Dispersion and Unemployment StigmaShuaizhang Feng; Lars Lefgren; Bingyong Zheng​
Economic Theory (forthcoming)  Springer​WP Version
accepted January 2018 
​Unemployment Insurance Eligibility and Wage Dynamics
​  Working Paper



Auction Theory

​The Role of Risk Preferences in Pay-to-Bid AuctionsJoseph Price; Henry Tappen
Management Science (59:2117-2134) InformsWP Version
September 2013 ​
​Inferring Ascending Auction Participation from Observed Bidders
​International Journal of Industrial Organization (54:65-88) Science DirectWP Version
September 2017 ​
A Theory of Discounts and Deadlines in Retail Search
(also ​listed above in Consumer Search)
​​Dominic Coey; Bradley Larsen

Cooperative Game Theory

Spoilers, Blocking Coalitions, and the Core
Social Choice and Welfare (33:361-381) SpringerWP Version
September 2009 
The n-Person Kalai-Smorodinsky Bargaining Solution under Pre-DonationsS. Nuray Akin
Review of Economic Design (15:147-162) SpringerWP Version
June 2011

Other Micro Theory

Queue-Rationed Equilibria with Fixed Cost of Waiting
Economic Theory (40:247-274) SpringerWP Version
August 2009 

Sticking with What (Barely) Worked: A Test of Outcome BiasLars Lefgren; Joseph Price
Management Science (61:1121-1136) InformsWP Version
May 2015 
Contests for Priority Access
  Working Paper
Outcom-Based Accountability: Theory and EvidenceLars Lefgren; Joseph Price
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (160:121-137) ScienceDirectWorking Paper
April 2019CoachesTA.pdf


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