Medical programs are designed to prepare students to practice in various areas of medicine such as general medicine, dentistry, surgery, chiropractic, etc. Each field of medicine has varying requirements so you will need to research the individual programs and universities to best understand their requirements for their programs. Most programs will have one to two years of coursework and then clinic work but the structure varies with each program.

While the pre-requisites necessary for medical programs must be completed and the appropriate exams must be taken for admission, a background in economics prepares applicants with skills such as problem-solving ability, analytical thinking and reasoning that will be helpful throughout their career in the medical profession.

General Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.4 or higher​​
  • Complete required courses: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, expository writing
  • Entrance exam like the MCAT; type of exam varies with program
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors
  • Resume including work experience and awards or accomplishments
  • ​Volunteer experience

​Good Programs:

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  • **BYU does not offer a Medi​​cal program at the  graduate level.