Professors in the News 

"Relationships Between Fine Particulate Air Pollution, Cardiometabolic Disorders, and Cardiovascular Mortality"

Prof. C Arden Pope III

BYU Economics Prof. C. Arden Pope, along with several res​earchers, recently published their research in the journal of "Circulation Research" from the American Heart Association. They discovered that pollution-induced cardiovascular disease mortality risk is observed for those with and without existing cardiometabolic disorders. Long-term exposure may also contribute to the development of cardiometabolic disorders, increasing risk of cardiovascular disease, and cardiometabolic disease mortality.  [more]

​"Study: Eat School Lunch after Recess"

Prof. Joseph Price

BYU Economics Prof. Joe Price and Cornell's David Just recently published their research in the journal of "Preventive Medicine," which has been highlighted in several national news sources. They discovered that eating lunch after recess instead of before, increases the                                         fruit and vegetable consumption by more than 50%.                                                 [more]​