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Melaleuca Booth


TNRB 1st Floor Atrium

Start Time

9/18/2017 2:00 PM

End Time

9/18/2017 5:00 PM


Melaleuca has firmly supported this mission statement since our humble beginning in 1985. Everything we accomplish is done with an eye toward promoting the physical, environmental, financial, and personal wellness of those around us. Our focus has always been on wellness. By manufacturing and selling effective, high quality, natural, health oriented products we help people live more vibrant, healthier, and happier lives. When you walk through the doors at Melaleuca, you can feel it immediately. This is The Wellness Company. We have achieved consistent and profitable growth with our annual revenue hitting over $1.7 billion dollars. We now have over 4,000 employees and operate in 19 countries around the world. Melaleuca is positioned to grow even more rapidly in upcoming years. To help keep up with this growth we are looking for an outstanding interns and full time employees to join our team.



All Day Event




Day of Event

September 18, 2017

Event Order

9/18/2017 2:00 PM


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